Saturday, June 21, 2008

It should rain while I am Working

OK, seriously. I had plans to work the first part of the day, hang with rebecca the second. So, of course, it is gorgeous out while I am working, and starts to pour shortly before Rebecca gets to the office to pick me up. Totally not fair, ;).

Rebecca and I had plans to go to Heritage Park and take pics, then do dinner. Plans changed since neither of us wanted to ruin our cameras in the torrential downpour lower michigan was experiencing. So, instead, we shopped! Not a smart alternative since Rebecca is trying to save money, but what else can one do in rain? We went to the outlet mall in Monroe, as well as to Kohl's and TJ Maxx. Outlet mall, I got a couple new things at the Gap outlet. If I recall, I got one pair of darkm tannish colored bermuda shorts, a pair of black capri pants, and three short sleeve sweater type shirts. Next, we stopped in Van Heusen and I bought Kurt a greenish colored dress shirt. A color he does not have, which is rare, LOL. Rebecca also got stuff at Gap and at the kitchen store outlet. Next, we browed Kohl's and I ended up with a really cute pair of red heels. I have been wanting a pair of red heels.....I have been trying to branch out from basic black. I think that is all I purchased today. I was happy about the Gap stuff, as when it's warm out and I don't have court, I like having casual, but can be dressed up options for the office. After that, we went to dinner with Kurt at Pete's, and Rebecca worked on my shoulders, back and neck a little bit. I am really out of wack, yet again. I think still from the rides at Disney, this time. After she left, threw a load of laundry in and have been watching the Tigers with Kurt.

Kurt saw a white heron near the pond today. He also discovered an eastern fox snake, which is a threatened species in our area. He had me go out and take pics of it, so we could verify online what it was, even though we already kinda knew from seeing one before in a picture. It was a pretty big snake, but your typical yard snake. Non-venomous, so I am OK with it living there. They are threatened from idiot humans trying to keep them as pets or destroying them, so if my land can help them out, I am more than willing to share my space with the snakes.


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Andrea said...

You are a kind human being to let a snake live near your property. If I discovered this, I might have been looking to move instantly! LOL.

Yay for the fun shopping!! I need a girls day like that :-D Glad you and Rebecca had a good time together.