Thursday, October 22, 2009


Had dinner last night with some law school friends--Amanda and her son, Ajani, Nancy, and Jessica. We ate at Motor City Brewing, which I loved. I had veggie chili and a crab dip, and OMG, great food. I highly recommend. It was a nice dinner, catching up and seeing all of them. Tonight, had dinner with my friend, Melanie (Tammy was supposed to come too but ended up having to cancel). We met at our norm, Famous Dave's, and caught up and gossiped for a while....It was really relaxing and nice. Yay. I guess it's a week full of friends! :).

I was SOOOOOO excited to do this one particular court hearing this morning, and was bummed that the other side did not show. Well, not really, cuz it was their hearing and I had their Motion dismissed, which thrilled my client, but i was looking forward to arguing the case as the details are great and totally on my client's side. What also sucks is I had to sit down there for almost two hours in order to simply have something dismissed. AARGH.

Oh, BTW? Jennifer Granholm sucks. And yes, I voted for her.

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