Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Random Updates

Saturday was Lori day! OK, not really, but I managed to get a lot of things done, for me, that needed to be done. Headed to David Broadway salon to get my hair highlighted and cut, and my eyebrows waxed. Had 6 inches of hair cut off the back. This is crazy for me! However, it must not be too crazy as Kurt cannot even notice a difference, LOL. I, though, feel like a ton lighter without the longer hair. I would say it's mid-long in lenghth now. I love it. The color turned out amazing, as usual. Then, as I was checking out, I saw a sign by the door. They were offering 30% off services if you took the spot of someone who had cancelled that day. I saw a mani/pedi appointment 5 minutes later which I snagged. Had that done, then headed home. Bought new Aquage shampoo and conditioner while there (which I totally recommend, it is the BEST prroducts for my hair that I have ever used) and because I bought two products, I got one for free, another shampoo. I have been needing to do all the above, and was glad to have it done at one place in one afternoon! Whoot! My colorist told me, while I was there, that she is switching salons to this place called Studio 51, so now i have to decide if I am going to switch salons. Really, color is the most important thing to me, and I really like her, so I prob will. checked out the new place online, and it looks like their prices are cheaper too, so maybe I will try it once and see. Came home and spent the rest of the night doing stuff around the house, then went to dinner with kurt to watch some games. We tried this new sports bar near our house called Nick and Nino's, which I loved. Had fish tacos, really yummy, and the service was great.

Sunday, during football season, Kurt spends the bulk of the day watching 800 football games, so I decided to do things around the house, grocery shop, and go look for long sleeved shirts at Kohl's. I finally broke down and decided that it is cold here, and I cannot wear t-shirts and capris any longer. I had $20 in Kohl's cash and a 30% off coupons. Got some awesome deals there. Everything I bought was on sale. I bought Kurt two new sweathers and two long sleeved shirts, and bought myself 9 long sleeved shirts (which includes sweather and knit shirts). Also bought three rings that are super cute, my fav was one that cost $4 after all deals. Whoot. At the grocery store, I used a TON of coupons and saved a LOT of money there too. I heart saving funds! :).

Jessica sent me a text on Sunday that she has shingles! I had no clue what it was, but after researching, figured out it is not contagious if you have had chicken pox, which everyone at the office has. How painful though. She came into work today, but, she ended up leaving early and is now not coming back in until Wednesday, so we are down one until then.......Thankfully, court is not too crazy tomorrow and Wednesday.

Last night, I made Kurt a 7-layer dip (which I slightly modified taking out salsa and adding banana peppers, oh, and changing black olives to green) from a Kroger recipe I got in the mail. It was super yummy (I tried a bite)

Vito's eye is not getting too much better, so I had to make him an appointment with a specialist. I don't even remember if I blogged about this or not, but the morning before we left for Costa Rica, Vito was kinda squinting with one of his eyes and we took him into the vet. He got some kind of small cut on his eye, but they do not think it is anything horrible. They gave us drops to give him with a recheck appointment. They rechecked him the day we got back, and things had not improved so they changed th drops to new ones. We have been giving him those and took him back last night and although they think he has improved some, they suggested taking him into a specialist to be sure. So, we have that appointment tomorrow. Poor little guy! He lucked out though, since the drops are every two hours, he has been coming into the office with us daily. :).


Rebecca said...

Poor Vito :( I hope he's okay!

Amber said...

Hope Vito's eye gets better soon!!

.................Nancy said...

I hope Vito feels better soon!!