Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me! And Kewl New Site.

I found this site, after seeing a ring I fell in love with in In Style magazine....who knew reading while working out would result in my spending money? :). Anyway, I went to the site, and tried finding the ring I wanted, and it was not on there in the color scheme I wanted. The one on there was this one, and I liked the one in the magazine (pictured here) because of the two tone colors. So, I sent an email to the site asking if they had the ring in the colors I wanted, and they wrote RIGHT back on a Sunday night (great customer service) telling me yes, just place the order and they would send the correct color to me. So, I did!

Can't wait to get the ring. I love jewelry, but I have a LOT of jewelry, so it's rare for me to find something that I really want, and I love the vintage look of this.


Amber said...

That is a GREAT ring!

Lori H said...

Thanks Andrea. :).

Rachael said...

I love unique, vintage pieces too! Very cute!

Oh! and customer service like that totally rocks my socks and makes my day. So many companies have gotten away from it and it really feels good to get prompt and helpful service!

.................Nancy said...

Ooh cute!