Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lights Shining Down........

Sunday, after working in the garage some, my husband came into the house and said "I want to hire some people to do some various work on the house." I about fell over. I don't think these words have EVER come out of his mouth. LOL. Since he is SOOO handy, he hates spending money on service people because truly, he can do most of the work himself. Our issue though, is time. We have no time to do anything like that. I don't even have time or energy to clean this place most of the time. Anyway, I was thrilled to hear him say that. And, I need to get ALL over that because he may change his mind soon.

I have a guy coming tomorrow to look at the fireplace. We have a gas fireplace in the great room, and it has not worked since two winters ago. Yea, we never called anyone last winter. Whoops. Anyway, hopefully it is a simple fix and I can light the fireplace again this winter. I love the fireplace.

I ordered the ceiling fans I wanted today, and talked the place down on price with the use of price matching. Also, got a free table fan with purchase, which I will put in my office. They should be delivered within a week or so, and then I am going to call the electrician to fix various things in the house.

We are also going to call some people about painting inside. I really want to paint the great room and entrance to the house a dark brown color, and paint the kitchen a darker red, as well as the bedroom some shade of blue. I normally would not pay someone to paint, but with the bad economy in MI, it may be worth it with the discount service prices we can get. Plus, the ceilings are crazy high in the foyer and great room for Kurt to paint. He would most likely harm himself, haha.

We stayed home all day Sunday and relaxed. Well, relaxed in between cleaning, laundry, cooking. I made an awesome apple crisp, yum. Kurt did some fall work in the garage, we put the cover on the one car and parked it for winter, and hooked the other car up to the battery charger and it is not down for the winter as well. BOOHOO to no fun cars. It has not snowed yet, so I still get to drive the Saab until the first snowfall. :). Then it's back to the winter vehicles, BOO. Winter sucks. Cold weather sucks. Snow sucks......Why do I live here again? We are supposed to have an unseasonably warm November, so that will be kewl.

Saturday, I headed to Farmington Hills to see my Mom and other family. My mom and stepDad were down to drive my grandparents to Florida, where they live in the winter. It was also Carolyn's (my cousin) 13th birthday party. So, I got to see a ton of family and hang out with Carolyn. :). My Aunt bought her a gorgeous cake, which was eaten pretty quickly and she made dinner for everyone, including salmon for me.

Tonight, the office (minus Misty who could not go as she has other things going on), went to the largest haunted house in the world, Erebus. We had a BLAST. It was about 45 minutes inside, and it was scary! Everyone screamed a LOT and we had a blast. I highly recommend going to anyone in the area.

I bought a new watch online this week too, on my new fav site, Ideeli. I have a watch i love by Burberry, but it is "bracelet" style and it is very hard to wear while typing. I end up only wearing it while going out with others, which does not happen very often. I wanted a normal kinda style watch that did not hang and dangle like the Burberry. Anyway, I found the one pictured, and it is by Rotary. Never heard of the brand, but I love the style. Hopefully, I like it as much once delivered and tried on. :). i like wearing a watch and have not worn one daily in quite some time. This one is super cute, but nice at the same time.

This week is going by super quickly, for some reason. Which is awesome, as I can't wait for the weekend, as I get to see my Mom again! Yay.

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.................Nancy said...

I really like the watch, it's similar in design to my fake cartier that I wear everyday hehe.

Have a great weekend!