Thursday, October 08, 2009

Update on Vito

Vito had an appointment today for his eye, and the specialist said that although it is healing slowly, it IS healing and he will be fine. They gave him two other drops (now he has three) and he has to go back for a recheck on Monday. They did some other tests on his eye too, and Kurt said he was a perfect pug angel through all of them. He loves vets. He is so weird, but, that's why I love him! :). I am just glad that he will be OK and will not need surgery or anything. He is getting to be quite the fixture at the office though. He mostly sits in a chair next to my desk and snores through appointments. He is going to be mad at us when he starts staying home again. Poor guy. ;).

Had a massage last night. Loving the new girl I am seeing. She is crazy mean, almost to the point where she uses too much pressure, but not quite--which is perfect for me. Since my last appointment until this one, I had no migraines, nothing, and I did not feel like i *needed* a massage, before the appointment. During the apppointment, it became apparent that I did, but still, it's nice to not feel screwed up all the time.

This week has been pretty hectic at work, as I dont know if there has been one day where everyone was in the office at all times of one day. Jessica was out sick part of Monday, and all of Tuesday, and then part of the day today at the dr. Kory was out sick this afternoon. Misty was out with a sick daughter yesterday and took tomorrow off. Stacey was at a conference most of the day today (which was a good thing though since it was for the office). Vito had two dr appointments that took Kurt out of the office. And we have had court, like usual, every morning. There was a short time today when I was the ONLY one at work, which was SOOOO odd. I will be glad when everyone is not sick. I don't know how I avoid the sicknesses, but then again, even when I am sick, i am working, LOL. I have to pretty much be dying to not work. Such is life when you are self-employed. But, i got a lot of work done today, oddly, as I finished a Brief I was working on, and cleared off some of my desk.

Anyway, I know this post is random, but that's all I got! :). Pic above is from the Sansa plane going from San Jose to Golfito. Love the small planes that allow pictures to be taken like this......I miss Costa Rica already and we have barely been gone. :(.

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Amber said...

Glad to hear Vito will be fine! :) Poor little pugs with their sensitive eyes!