Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy ***** Day!

We don't celebrate Sweetest Day. I *thought* it was a lame Hallmark holiday, but then I was schooled by Rebecca tonight, who sent me a link to what Sweetest Day really was......and I love the real story behind it. It is kinda not surprising that America has turned it into a commercialized kinda day that has nothing to do with helping the underprivileged. But, to everyone who does celebrate, Happy Sweetest Day! I do think it's nice that couples dote on one another and spend time together. Spread the love! ;).

So today, I went with two of my Aunt's to Birch Run for some outlet shopping. I had a great day. I ended up finding some great deals. I got a suit at the Kasper Outlet, made by Le Suit. Marked down from $200.00 to $55.00. What a deal. I love deals like that. Also bought a pair of dress pants, sweater and heels at Ann Taylor, a pair of jeans at the Bass Outlet, PUG boxers for Kurt at JCrew (like I could not buy those), some kewl Pyrex bowls at the Corningware Outlet, and knee high nylons at the Leggs Hanes Store. I also bought this really cute apron at Le Gourmet Chef that is cobalt blue and says Kiss My Asparagus.

We had lunch at A&W and I love having their rootbeer, it's the best ever. The best moment of the day was when we were at A&W and heading out to the car and Aunt Marlene totally went to the wrong car and tried to get in while Aunt Karen and I were walking in the other direction. It was hilarious. I would not stop laughing.....

Today, I headed into Southgate to run some errands. we needed pop and Kurt needed Breath Right strips, which i only buy at Sams Club. There was NO LINE at customer service, which never happens, so I fixed my card which was having an issue. I bought these new vitamins, which I started taking today. Anyone take anything like this before? It is supposed to give you the nutrients from fruits and veggies that one needs in a day, and since I dont eat a ton of those, I thought this would help me out. I guess we will see how I like them. I headed to Petsmart after that because Gretel needed a new winter sweater. Ended up buying her a really cute pink one. Also bought her a halloween costume. Gretel will be a bee this year! :). Also, picked up some doggie food, a new kind that looks good for them. While at Petsmart, I kept seeing pug after pug, it was surreal! I finally realized that they have a pug Sunday one day a month and people bring their pugs to play in a backroom there. I probably saw like 30 pugs, at least, a bunch of them in Halloween costumes, the best of which, was a pug banana. I have to take the pugs next month, well at least Vito and Gretel. Oscar gets nervous in social situations. :). Headed after that to the mall. My sunglasses, the awesome Revos I got on clearance in May 2008, died. One of the lenses kept popping out, and this last time, it fell and cracked a little bit. So, they are being retired. :(. I became spoiled with the polarized lenses in those, so I went to Sunglasses Hut to look at only polarized pairs. I wanted another pair of Revos, but they did not have any styles that I liked this time. I tried on some I loved that were Dolce and Gabbana, but they were not polarized. I ended up with a pair of Maui Jim's. Never heard of the brand before, but I like the lenses. They have this weird policy at that store where you can "try out" the lenses for 90 days and if you bring them back, you can trade them for another pair. OK, seriously, I will do it just to get a new pair. What a weird policy. (picture above is of me in the sunglasses, taken in the car, so excuse the bad quality). Headed to Lady Foot Locker next to look for shoes. I had about given up on finding new ones. Everywhere I have looked previously, I either liked nothing, or they did not have my size. All my fashion tennies are OLD, like I think at least two years old, and I want to get rid of some and replace, but can't until I find new ones! Anyway, I lucked out today. I bought a pair of Pumas and a pair of New Balance (I did not even know New Balance made non-running shoes).

Did a bunch of laundry this weekend (still not done, UGH), and made a really yummy salmon pasta dinner tonight, and watched Desperate Housewives, which is the only show left on TV that I actually watch weekly. No court in the morning, so hopefully things are calm! :). Hope everyone else had a nice and productive weekend!


.................Nancy said...

OMG Gretel and Chanel will be bee twins for halloween!!

Megan said...

I would love to go to a Kasper outlet sometime. I have a ton of Le Suit suits :) $55 is a STEAL! Maybe I should have you shop for me and mail me what you find :)