Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week In Review

The Firm went to Erebus on Thursday night for the Annual Haunted House Law Firm Adventure. It was a lot of fun, and we ended up, via Kory meeting some random guy at the bar, getting in VIP and before the line of people who had been waiting there in line. Gotta love that. Megan and Alana were interviewed for the news afterwards as well (the rest of us were hiding from the cameras).

Saturday was my first day off in forever. I was thrilled. :). Had lunch at PF Chang's with Hollie, Tammy and Becca, and then went to Farmington Hills to see my Mom and Ronnie and other family. My Mom and Ronnie were there to drive my grandparents to Florida, leaving on Sunday. Had dinner and hung out. Super fun and good to see everyone.

My new briefcase came and I love it! It's perfect and fits files well, which is really the only requirement besides looks on a briefcase.

Weighed in today, only down .3 of a pound (making my total 17.8 pounds). I am just happy to not gain anything though. Eating was really good this week. Even yesterday, with eating out and at family's, I still stayed below my calorie intake, although I did eat more yesterday than I do in a normal day. Eating at home is so much easier though than making good choices eating out. There are not many good choices eating out, LOL. I actually had to try something new at Chang's since my normal meal there is fried and horrible for you. I had the shrimp with lobster sauce lunch bowl and it was VERY good. Not as good as the other meal, but I felt better about eating it, ;).

Oh, I almost forgot! My office was painted purple this week and I love it! Love. Looks amazing and makes me happier to be in there.

Worked part of today, but I finally feel like we are catching up some. Actually had some time today to research law on some areas we have been needing to, and filed some bankruptcies to catch all those up. Whoot.

Anyway, another busy week ahead, starting with court bright and early! Some fun stuff mixed in this week though, so hopefully, I maintain my sanity! :). Happy weekend!


Rachael said...

Any photos of the new office color?? Sounds pretty!

Lori H said...

Rach, look at my facebook, I have some on there! :).