Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flights Booked!

Flights booked for the Christmas trip, so I guess it's for sure now! :). Sending in the money for the tour tomorrow. Yay. Cannot wait. I am hoping this is our best trip yet! :). Def some new things that we have not done yet on ANY trip.

Had dinner last night at LaPita with my friend, Nancy, which was really nice. Got to catch up, and have awesome food. Lentil soup, hummus and naan.....yum.

Today at the office was pure insanity. We ended up working until after 8 PM, but, I got a ton of stuff drafted at the end of the day. I am going to be filing a lot of new cases tomorrow at family court, and have three early hearings, ugh on the early, but yay on getting paperwork done.

Off to bed, another busy day tomorrow! :). Night everyone.

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