Friday, October 01, 2010


I. Am. Exhausted.

OMG, this week has been insanely busy every single night until tonight. And even tonight, when I almost always leave the office at 5, I was there until like 520. AARGH.

Each night worked late for different reasons, and was trying to get all ready for our Monroe office opening this past Friday, which we did for the most part. Still need to order one more thing, but it's ready for meeting with clients, which is great. I think I did not get home until 800 PM or after Monday-Thursday. BLAH.

Started the interview process at the office, and thus far, have interviewed two people. We plan on interviewing about 8 or so, then making a decision next week. cannot wait for some normalcy at the office again, and having the feeling again of knowing that I have staff around that are not leaving soon! :). Training people takes a lot of time and energy, which is worth it in the end, but exhausting at the start.

Court has been crazy for me as well, which makes things even more hectic in the office.

Am thrilled to be going to finally get my hair done tomorrow. Its like at least a month past due, and I generally only get my hair done every 3-4 months. Yep, I think it's been like 5. How sad is that, LOL. I am planning on NO office stuff tomorrow, but will prob go in on Sunday to catch up on some paperwork. I have a case I want to hurry up and file on Monday, so I want to get it done.

Wore new heels to work today and they did not hurt my feet all day long! Whoot, love that. Especially when said heels are a little bit higher than I generally wear. the little things make me happy........;).

Ordered a really cute pic for the office breakroom, which arrived from this week. I also ordered from amazing candles on Etsy, which arrived and smell AMAZING.

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colfin said...

Enjoy your day off!!!!! :)