Monday, October 25, 2010


I am feeling kinda exhausted tonight and am hoping I am not catching the sickness the entire office has had. Downed an Airborne when I got home so hopefully it helps some. I will take another in the morning and attempt to ward off the evil, haha.

So, we are booking Thailand/Laos tomorrow! Cannot wait. I have to send a check to California, since paying with a credit card means an extra 3% I dont want to pay. So many travel places do this, which annoys me because I hate going to the bank and getting a cashiers check, etc. But, will send that out tomorrow and book our flights. My agent's vendor found this flight I have not even seen online, with only one layover both there and back and not really long layovers, which rocks. I am also excited about the trip they put together for us, which is a personalized one, diff than the one on the website. It is just us (as I hate travelling with tour groups) and takes out the cooking lesson and beach days, adds in some more animal experiences. I will try to post later this week, as it is only saved on the work computer.

Today was crazy busy. One positive note, I got to have dinner with my friend, Nancy, at LaPita, after work. Super yummy lentil soup and hummus there. I did not even have an actual ordered meal, as I was craving lentil and hummus. Yum.

Off to bed, Happy Monday!


Rebecca said...

I hate places that charge you extra for paying with a CC, which is illegal, so instead they give you a "cash discount". Ridiculous.

Hope you feel better!

Lori H said...

yea, I get why cuz its pricey on expensive services, but it still annoys me because I dont do that at my office. Ugh.