Saturday, May 31, 2014

Friday and Saturday

Today, after doing the normal morning routine, we headed to Orotina.  Our friend, Jen, told us that it was a pretty big downtown area with some stores and stuff that might have home stuff we wanted.

Siestas are pretty common for us these days.  The pugs join in, happily.

Got there and walked around, it was a bigger downtown then Jaco, but not as nice.  Less touristy though, I think we were the only Americans there. So, stuff was a lot cheaper than Jaco.  We picked up some things we needed at a drugstore kinda place like shampoo, conditioner and razors as well as a couple kitchen things I needed  Kurt bought a tank top at another clothing store.  He also bought caramel covered peanuts from a vendor and a milkshake from another.  We walked around a lot just checking things out.  It was a lot of fun.

While driving to Orotina, we saw this horse being transported.

Headed back to Jaco and went to the gym and grocery store and have just hung out the rest of the night.  I made snapper for dinner with grilled radishes and rice, then had a frozen banana for dessert.  I am really liking this change in diet, that I don't crave sweets almost ever.  I do however crave bread every single time we walk by an amazing costa rican today, there were a ton of them in Orotina.

Yesterday, we went and bought a rake for Cocha for the yard that he needed, as well as an air pump for the bikes.  Had lunch in town at Mono Verde, then went and met a friend of our friend Dean's, named Jen.  She lives in an apartment in downtown Jaco.  Anyway, she is super nice.  She was dogsitting for two dogs who were super sweet as well.  Her place is really cute.  It was nice to meet someone my own age and female who I can possibly hang out with!  :). 

Friday was also farmer's market day, so we headed over there.  Ended up with a big haul of fruits and veggies, as well as some cheese and fresh squeezed OJ and a pie for Kurt.  This should last us until next Friday.  The radishes this week were insanely huge, biggest I have ever seen in my life.  Also, bought plantains, as I plan to try and make those for dessert.

Stopped at the pharmacy as I needed a prescription I take daily.  I was out.  I was slightly concerned about getting it filled without a dr, but Kurt told me it would be no problem.  It was not. I showed them my old bottle.  They said they did not carry that brand in Costa Rica, but had some equivalents, so I just picked one and started taking it today.  No dr appt, no nice.  I love that about Costa Rica.  I hate how with ANYTHING in the USA, even when you know what is wrong with you, you have to pay and go to the dr before getting any medication. Here, no problem.  Which is how it should be.  The pharmacists here are trained to diagnose as well.  So awesome and easy and the prices are similar to what I paid in the US with my insurance.  Ended up going out for dinner too, wanted to try a place called Wahoo's, but they were closed, so we ended up at Taco Bar, which was amazing, as usual.  That place never fails me.  We sat in swings, as usual.

Saw this spider in my house.  Kurt took him outside to set him free.  People on facebook are terrified, LOL.









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Barbara Jones said...

What fun! Thanks for the post, luv keeping up with your new life!!