Sunday, July 17, 2005

Behind, Behind, Behind

What can I say? I know, I am behind in posting and I am very sorry to those of you who actually read this to catch up on my and Kurty's life. I am a bad, bad blogger and should be severely beaten over the head. Ok, maybe that would be taking it a tad too far. So, I am going to start with the All Star Game last Tuesday.
We went to the All Star Game on Tuesday night and had a blast. It was so kewl to just drive to Detroit and attend, and not have to take a trip somewhere, like we did two years ago to Chicago. Our seats were great, the weather was beautiful, and the game was a lot of fun. And to make it a perfect night, the American league won the game. Yay! We got home really late again though, which means more tired days to come......
Wednesday, I had my last final at school, in Equitable Remedies. The exam was not like any other I have taken in law school yet. It had limited space for all the answers that were not multiple choice. So, many students finished really early because it was not like we could ramble on and on for as many pages as we chose. He basically wanted two lines for this answer, a page for this answer. So, I got done early and headed back to the office for some more work, then went home for the night.
Thursday, yet another late night. We finally closed on the rental house we bought, but what a pain. The closing was supposed to be at 6:00 p.m., and ended up not starting until like 7:30 p.m. And we did not get home until around 9:30 p.m. Yuck. Then, there were mistakes on the HUD statement, and we had to go pick up a check in Monroe from the seller AFTER the closing. They forgot to reflect our earnest money deposit on the HUD, so she owed us money. We went and looked around the house, with all her stuff out and I like it even more. Hopefully, we can get it rented out soon.
With the events of the week, Friday was exhausting. I had to go downtown to file some emergency bankruptcies, and the line and wait at US District Court was absurd. I was there forever, and then had to run my ass off to get things done at Circuit Court as well. Came back to the office and went to the Wyandotte art fair with Auntie, which was really fun. I love this one because it is close to the office and nice to walk around. Downtown Wyandotte is so nice. I bought some cute pug notecards (I bought the same ones last year, but ran out), and bought a cute necklace and new silver chain to wear all my glass jewelry on. Auntie bought a lot more--she got a pearl necklace from an artist she loves, a glass necklace (two), a piece of kewl art for her bedroom, and a new hat. We went to dinner afterwards at Mexican Gardens in Southgate, I have been craving Mexican food for some reason.
Finally, today. This afternoon was Jeannie's baby shower in Clinton Township. It was one of the nicest showers I have ever been to. She looked awesome too. I would have only thought she was pregnant with one, if I did not know the truth.....She got a lot of great gifts, and the food was awesome. It was at this placde called Sajo's, which I highly recommend to anyone doing a party, etc. The staff was superb and very professional. I picked up Lisa at her parent's house on the way there, so it was nice catching up with her and talking all the way (in the pouring rain). I could not believe it rained so much the day of Jean's shower. It has not rained ALL SUMMER, and downpour today. At the shower, got to see Stacy and Erin, both of whom I have not seen in forever. So, all in all, the shower was great. Oh, I got her the Baby Bjorn carrier and a growth chart, both of which she registered for. It was kinda funny, because Stacy got her the exact same gift (the carrier). The registry at Babies R Us is horrendous, they don't mark things off the registry very quickly, which results in people getting double of many things. But, Jeannie and Jim will both need a carrier, so it works out just fine. Went back to work after the shower and dropping Lisa off, and worked until 7:00 p.m. Oh, we picked up our art work framed from Michael's and hung it--it looks AWESOME. I am so glad I bought it now, even if it was kinda expensive for me. The art work was by a local artist, and I bought it at the Fisher Theatre. It is hand drawings of old court houses in the area, and we hung it in my office. Love it. We went to dinner at Sibley Gardens and both had vodka pasta, which I love. After dinner, we decided to drive to Grosse Ile (right by there) because we were curious what the big deal was. The houses are insanely expensive there. So, we drove around for a while. It was a nice drive. The island is beautiful. All the homse are awesome and have interesting arcitecture. But, the houses were all really close together, and noone had any land or big yards. So, while it was really nice, I don't want to live there. I need more privacy. I would rather buy a house on Lake Erie somewhere down here.
Now, we are home, and finally, I am caught up on my journal. Yay!


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I like your new template!!

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Thanks, I wanted a change! But, I noticed it erased all my side things, so I need to redo them. Boo hoo.