Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sports Room and Farmhouse

I am so tired. Why am I still up? No clue.

Today was really busy. I feel like I go and go and go and never get to rest....AHHH!

One really good thing that is coming out of this whole rental house deal is that the guys living there are culinary chefs AND work construction. So, on top of them renting our house, we are going to hire them to work on our house. One of the first things we are going to have them work on is our ancient farmhouse. Kurt is going to have them fix it up enough for us to store some stuff in there, which will be great since we are running out of room in our garage.

Next, they are going to work on the basement, putting up drywall and a drop ceiling, so we can start our sports room. It is something we both have really been wanting to do because I have all these really creative ideas for hanging everything up, etc. can't wait.

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