Saturday, July 30, 2005

Spent most of the day with the dogs. Slept in, then went to SAMS Club and opened up a business membership. I decided I needed to do that for one purpose--Kurt's yogurt drinks. He is obsessed with those new yogurt smoothies, and they are so much cheaper at SAMS Club. Plus, business members can go to SAMS at hours of the day when nobody else can--I hate the lines at SAMS, but I imagine they are better during the special hours for business owners. Yay. Got some other stuff while I was there--I forgot about all the good deals at that place.

Came home and spent the rest of the day hanging with ALL the dogs, so weird having 5 here. Abby and Izzy are so small though, it is not that much more. Today was much better, everyone played and got along. Izzy became much more outgoing. She ran around with Gretel, and sat by me a lot, asking for attention.

Meet The Fockers with Kurt on Pay Per View. It was hilarious, I love Ben Stiller.


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