Saturday, October 21, 2006

Gym Stuff, Parties and Beer Pong

**Above is pic of bug found on my front screen door...
So. Today was fun. Kory and I went into town to look at gym equipment. Kory is about done with the gym downstairs, so now we need to start shopping for more equipment, as well as flooring, etc. We went to Dunham's in Taylor and found a ton of stuff for low prices, so I will most likely purchase there. We went to Meijer's after that and picked up stuff for the Sat night party. Britton and Rebecca were coming over, and I was going to learn how to play beer pong! Yay!

So, World Series party was set. We had all the liquor out on the counter, and the game on the big screen. We went to dinner first at trust Denny's. Our waiter was great, but slightly strange. He could only hear about half of everything we said. Ha. My Boca burger was quite tasty.

Went home and started drinking. I tried Diet Mountain Dew and Goldschlagger, which is quite tasty (for future reference). Yum.

Once the Tigers started losing badly, we headed to the basement for the teaching of the beer pong. Since it's a drinking game, it is not highly educational, and we caught on quickly. It was Britton and I v Kory and Rebecca. Ummm, we kicked ass. I had not had quite as much to drink, and Rebecca and Kory were pretty much gone. Hey, we had to do something to drown our sorrows after that Tigers game! Anyway, played two games and Britton and I were victorious in both.

Came back upstairs and hung out a while, then everyone went to bed. It was a great little party and an awesome night with friends!

See pics from the night by clicking here.


Rebecca said...

I demand a rematch...

Lisa said...

Looks like you guys had a blast as always :)