Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Saturday Game

So. Saturday's game was the best game of my life.

Tigers were down a lot of the game. Then suddenly, they started coming back. And then, in the bottom of the ninth, Magglio hit a walk off homerun. Words cannot describe how I felt, and Kurt was beyond excited. Literally everyone around me was so emotional and many were crying....For those of you who "hate" or "dislike" sports, I know you don't understand. But for those of us who have been waiting since 1984 for this to happen again, you get me. Wow.

On to the World Series. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!! Speaking of the World Series, we have tickets to Game 2, but none of the others thus far. We would be happy with attending just one game, but if tickets happen to pop up, I may buy some to Games 1, 6 or 7. I am not going to remortgage my house to do so though, LOL. Tickets are going for up to $11000 a piece for the best seats. Ummm, craziness?

Click here to see all the pics from the game.

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