Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ordered to Post

So, one of my peeps gently reminded me (OK, she ordered me) to update my blog. I have been tired at night and busy with other stuff and have not gotten around to it since yesterday afternoon.

So, Saturday, late afternoon. Start of the best baseball game I have EVER attended in my life. Tigers won the series and moved on to the next round. It was a gorgeous day, and I, as usual, took a ton of pics, which you can see by clicking here. The Tigers pretty much kicked the Yankees butts........And the celebration afterwards was hilarious. Loved it. The players all celebrated ON THE FIELD, sprayed champagne everywhere..........carried Leyland off the field. Awesome. Beyond words.

After the game, we went to the office to meet up with Rebecca, Kory, and Britton. We went to dinner and then bowling in Taylor at Skore Lanes. Ummm, pretty much the most fun I have ever had bowling in my life, but mostly because of the people I was with. And the amount of alcohol that was consumed. I rarely drink, but I had a little bit too much that night, which is evidenced by the pictures I took, which can be evidenced by clicking here. I had my first Jaeger shots. Not as bad as I thought......

Sunday, I was going to go out and take pics, but the weekend kinda wore me out, so I started in most of the day. Tried to do some stuff around the house, but mostly ended up chilling and editing my pics from the weekend on my computer.

Then, back to work on Monday. We laid one of our assistants off on Friday, so my workload has increased somewhat, but not much. Mostly, just enough to make me not use the net as much on breaks, ;). And take less breaks. hehe.

Tonight, had dinner with Julia and Lisa at Roma Cafe. It was really yummy, but even nicer to see Julia and Lisa. I have not seen Lisa in like forever! Julia, I have been seeing less of because she is back in class again and busy, but we will change that once she gets back from vacay this weekend. I will force her to introduce me to her new man!

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Rebecca said...

You had like 2 shots and a drink...we need to toughen you up for the weekend coming up!

And you make it sound like I held a gun to your head to blog or something...