Sunday, October 29, 2006

More News

OK, I did not think anything could top getting the new position on Thursday night, but, something has!

Friday afternoon, I found out I passed the Michigan Bar Exam!! What a freaking relief. I had myself convinced that I did not pass it....but me and every other person who passed it thought the same thing. I was actually kinda surprised to get it this early....Kurt did not get his until like Oct 31 and others had to wait until November. Here's how getting the results went down.

Earlier on Friday, I got an email from my friend, Kellie. She and I went to the bar together, roomed together, etc. She had received an email from her friend, Christine, from the OCBA, saying that results had been released on Friday (that day). Then, about an hour later, Kellie emailed me back again saying that the other email was false and that all scores were NOT in yet. AHHH. The stress. So, I decided to go on the Michigan Board of Examiners website and look to see if anything as on there. Instant terror. I found an announcement that results that had been released on THURSDAY. The day before. Meaning, I could have results at home....that night. Immediate breakdown. What if I did not pass? What if I had to tell everyone I flunked? I knew I did not pass. I did horribly. So, Cassie, another friend from school, emailed me saying her Mom called and said her results were at home. An envelope. From the bar examiners. Oh No. Kurt had to leave then to go to a meeting in Toledo. I spent the rest of the day in constant thought about the possible envelope at home. Kurt called at 445 p.m. He had gotten home from his meeting.

K: The envelope is here.
L: And? Did you open it?
K: No.
L: Well, is it thick or thin?
K: Thin. (thin is good, thick is bad meaning they send another app for you to apply again).
L: OPEN IT. I cant wait until I get home.
K: I already know, Kory and I held it up to a bright light and read the results and YOU PASSED.
L: OMG, OMG. (as i literally almost faint). are you serious? Are you lying to me? Open the envelope to make sure you read correctly.
**Kurt opens envelope***
K: Yep, you passed.
L: OMG OMG OMG OMG. I can't believe it, I really thought I failed.
K: You and everybody else who takes the test.
L: Huge sigh of relief.

So, seriously, this has been one of the best weeks, best two days of my life. Passed the bar AND got onto the Board of Education. I have no idea what I did to deserve all these good things happening, but I will take them.

I can't even begin to explain how much of a relief this is for me. I have even been having a hard time sleeping, thinking about these results coming in. Which is rare for me, because I sleep through any amount of stress, so you know it was bothering me......

Next step is getting sworn in. I have to go with Kurt in front of a Judge and take an oath and have the Judge sign my Order of Admission. Then, I send in an application, the signed Order and of course, MORE money, and they send me my bar card. And then, my friends, yours truly can appear in courts and act like a lawyer.

Seriously, I don't feel like a grown up, I am shocked society is going to let me do this! But, I can't wait. :).


Anonymous said...

HUGE, GIGANTIC CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve every ounce of happiness life is sending your way these days--enjoy!

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Thanks Alex! I hope I can really help society out with this law degree and use it for purposes that aren't just the obvious. :).

Hobby Chef said...

WAHOOO!!!!!!!! That's awesome Lori! Congrats!!!!