Monday, September 29, 2008

Eerie Feeling

So, I am in the office today, doing some stuff to finalize the transition of the office. First of all, sitting in my office, which was previously used for appointments only, with a computer, is odd. Amanda is in the front filing, answering the phones, and greeting people, and that is normally me because of our previous setup. SO weird, but I am totally fine with not being out there. I am loading all our software (bankruptcy, Word, WordPerfect, PhoneSlips, addresses, etc.) onto my new computer, which is a pain.

I am realizing now that I need to buy some stuff for my office. I don't have anywhere to put envelopes, paperclips, etc. I am thinking a trip to Ikea is in my near future. I would love to put some cute retro stuff in here, and Ikea is the cheapest and best place for that. :).


.................Nancy said...

Oh can we see pics after? :)

Rebecca said...

I always thought that you, being co-owner of the company, should be back in your office, not in the front. Isn't that what the man-slave Kory is for?

Glad the new girl showed up, haha.

Nicole said...

You deserve your own office!