Friday, September 05, 2008

New Super and Xmas Trip Booked!

Well, last night was round two of interviews for the superintendent position and we finally picked someone! I am assuming he accepted, but we have to go through contract negotiations and all of that with him next. I am so happy to have that done with. It was stressful kinda being in limbo, and our interim super, I am sure, really wants to get to be more in retirement and out of the stress of the job.

Plus, Kurt was kinda starting to miss me not being home at night, ;). He will never admit that, but I know his secrets.......:).

Don't remember if I posted this yet or not but, I booked our Xmas trip for the year! And my Aunt is coming with us too, which should be fun. I am really excited that she is coming, as she has always wanted to go to this destination. Sooo, we are going to the Galapagos Islands. I can't freaking wait. It used to be the top destination that I wanted to go to, although it has moved below Borneo and Zambia now..........We are taking a cruise, but it is not what people normally think of a cruise. There are only a max of 16 people on this yacht, and you only cruise at night to the next island, then hike and snorkle all day long. We fly into Quito, then take a plane to the Galapagos to our ship. I sent in the deposit on the 3rd, and the rest is due this month, so I guess my trip will be paid for far in advance which is kinda nice, because I wont have to take the hit in December, which is generally a slightly slower month at the office. Anyway. Should be awesome. Anyone on here been there and have tips?


Andrea said...

You go on the best trips! Didn't you just get back from one ;)

You lucky duck!

.................Nancy said...

Nice!! That sounds amazing! How do you find out about those amazing trips ?