Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wasted Sundays and Shopping

So, today was not the most fun. We hired a company to do some work on the computers at the office, and he got there today around 1. And worked until 415, ugh. So, I had to stay there and basically watch, with nothing to do, since I could not work or use the net. I did call my Mom, and cleaned some drawers out and stuff, and ran to Staples to pick up some stuff the guy needed. Our office is now entirely wireless, computers, printers and all. Woo hoo. After that, I went to Sams Club to pick up some stuff we needed--pop, water, etc., then came home. Stayed in the rest of the night. Started watching 21 while working out, and so far, it's really good! It really picked up after the first 10 minutes or so. I am about half done, and will watch the rest tomorrow. I initially got this movie because Kurt and Kory watched it. It came from Netflix the second week of August and they have still not watched it, so I am watching it and sending it back. :).

So, I made some fun purchases today. I decided with the GPS I wanted, retail $899.99, that I would only purchase it if I could spend less than $500. Neither Kory or Kurt thought I could do it, since it's new on the market and all. Well, today, I used eBay and did just that! I was actually pretty proud of myself because even on eBay, they were going for more than $500. I just lucked out and got one for under by bidding at the last second. Yay for me! I can't wait to use it and install it in the Saab. I also bought two passport/ticket holders, which I have been wanting to buy, and a new wallet, as the one I am carrying it literally falling apart (my Aunt bought it for me and I love it though because it has two little pugs on it and I get compliments on it all the time, so I have had issues getting rid of it). Anyway. The passport/ticket holders, I bought one in blue and one in pink. Pink for Kurt. Ok, maybe not, ;). They will make travel slightly easier, and I usually just throw our passports and tickets in my travel bag, and have to search through it for our stuff when we go through security and stuff. The colors of these, and texture, will make it easier and less likely that anything gets lost. The wallet I bought I actually saw at Elder Beerman some time ago, and did not purchase because it was kinda pricey there. Much cheaper online. I got the pink one, but, I actually liked all of the color schemes. It's sad that the only time I can buy stuff for myself is online, LOL, but I guess I save money that way by price searching.

Watched the season premiere of Desperate Housewives tonight. It was really good! :). I can't believe that Bree's daughter took the baby back, and Susan and Mike divorced. AND the twins are so old! I mean, I know it's the future, but they were little boys at the end of last season. And Edie's husband? What is he going to end up doing? Crazy.


.................Nancy said...

I *LOVED* the DH premiere! AND the Grey's premiere too! Congrats on getting such a great price on the GPS!

Rebecca said...

Dammit! I read the DH recap about Susan and Mike RIGHT BEFORE I saw Mike in the street at the end!