Monday, September 08, 2008

Flights Booked

So, our flights are now booked to Quito for December! The flights to Quito to the Galapagos are included in our tour price we paid for the trip, so they are done through the tour agency. I wanted to get things done, as I noticed on the sites I was searching that some of the airfares were saying things like "only 8 tickets left" and such, and I am picky about flight times. Yay! Booked via AA, which is great, because I am really accumulated some miles with them between flying and my credit card through them. So, now all we have left to do is select a hotel for before the cruise leaves and after. I am leaning towards the Marriott, but since my aunt is going, I have to double check everything with her first and she takes longer to make decisions than I do, LOL. I have to say too that this tour agency is AWESOME. Every question we have is answered almost immediately, and with detail, and Jen is more than helpful. It's incredible. I usually do ALL the legwork and research when we travel, and she makes things so much more enjoyable! Thanks, Jen! (since she totally reads my blog, LOL).

Had two doctor's appointments today, and had to run downtown to file some stuff that had to be filed today. So, I was out of the office a good chunk of the day, which was nice. My ortho said I should be fitted for Invisalign in about 4 weeks, which is awesome. It will be nice to get these braces off my bottom teeth.

Other than that, not much going on! :). Boring post, I know, but I was excited about the flight being done with, so I had to post. Hugs.

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