Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekends of Leisure

I hope the hiring of an employee equates to future weekends like the one I just had.......No thoughts of work at all this weekend. None. This obviously has nothing to do with the new employee, since she has not yet started, but still, I think it may be a sign that I may get some weekends to myself soon. Saturday, after we interviewed, we came home, and I chilled at the house, doing some chores, and took a NAP. Yea, I pretty much never take naps. Got up and changed, went to Rebecca's for the charity fundraiser for our friend Jennifer's boyfriend, who has cancer. It was fun. I won a 50/50 raffle while there too! :). Today, we chilled at the house and did some stuff around the house too. I took a walk by myself in the yard and took a few pics, relaxing to the sound of the bees and crickets, and watching the butterflies which were everywhere today. Our yard is gorgeous right now. The weeds in the field are those tiny little daisies, this yellow flower and the purple flower above. And the temp out today was gorgeous as well.

Anyway, I feel a headache coming on, so I think I am going to head to bed early.....I am praying that my massage therapist does not have to move my appoinment tomorrow, because I have this pinched nerve in my neck that needs to be dealt with.


Jennifer said...

YAY for a relaxing weekend and may you have plenty more of them in your near future!
Hope that headache goes away. Maybe you should see a doctor about some migraine meds (if this was a migraine), they are a miracle, I tell ya!

Rachael said...

from what rebecca has said... you guys work so hard. you deserve to have time to yourself! hope everything works out with the new employee.

Amanda said...

YAY for new employee! And I hope the massage helps you today - ack....feel better!

Jennifer said...

OK, what happened with the new employee?? Did deux accept?