Saturday, September 27, 2008

GPS, Computers, and Football

So, the weekend........Last night, Kurt and I decided to head to the local high school football game (the school of which I am on the Board for). There was also a Halll of Fame induction ceremony, so I wanted to check that out as well. Anyway, the game was a BLAST. Loved it. Never thought I would like a local sporting event like that, but we had a great time. Sat by a fellow board member, Steve, and stayed until the third quarter. We would have stayed longer, but we wanted to leave and watch the debate at 9 p.m. I ended up having to participate in the Hall of Fame ceremony, and oddly, the entire Board was there, so that was really nice. Kurt got to eat nachos and popcorn with mountain dew, so he was in heaven, LOL. And I have a yearly pass being on the board, so we got in for free! :). We ended up losing, but played really well. The team we lost to was HUGE. We live in a farm community, but these guys were all from farm families, I think. The nose tackle was like 300 pounds, I think, not kidding. Really just wore our guys down.

The debate. Not what I expected, but completely what I expected at the same time. I know that these guys NEVER answer the questions posed, but I was hoping perhaps we would see some, ahem, CHANGE, as everyone keeps promising? Nope. The moderator was HORRIBLE. He is there to keep things on track, etc. I barely heard the guy. He allowed the two to interrupt eachother, not answer the questions, and to go ON and ON when their limits were like 2 minutes. AARGH. I was hoping that Mccain could get through one event without mentioning Vietnam and being a prisoner of war, and he almost did it, but at the end, he brought it up. I think it's like a *rule* of his campaign. For whatever reason, people seem to think if you are a prisoner of war, it equates to automatic greatness as the president of this country. Obama annoyed me because he just kept getting worked up and interrupting. I wonder how much court time he has logged because he show know better than to interrupt like that. McCain actually did better than I ever thought he would have, but I still think Obama did slightly better. The entire thing was kinda annoying, but I had to watch. What I really thought was interesting was, at the end, Biden appeared via satellite to say a few words, but Palin refused to. I am so over her. SHOW UP AND SPEAK. WTH is wrong with her? We all know McCain picked her to get the crazy religious vote, as well as the women vote (those who wanted Hillary), but now I think, even a lot of repubs are thinking, WTF? Can't wait to see the VP debate. I would almost put money on it that she will back out and blame Russia or something. Oh my fav word of the night was when Obama used the word "orgy". I about died, and loved it.

Today, we worked a few hours. After that, stopped at Staples, then Best Buy, looking for a new computer for the office. We need another one with the new employee starting. Staples had NOTHING, I guess they are in between shipments. Best Buy is always a JOY. Not. I hate that place. Everytime we go, we get annoyed with the customer service. It takes forever to get anyone to help you. I will know EXACTLY what I want, and it takes ages to get it. Anyway, we ended up with a great deal on a Gateway, and will set it up tomorrow. We are going in a few hours tomorrow, as we have a guy coming in to set up our computers differently. I can't wait. We are making everything wireless, and moving some computers around so I never have to sit in the front entryway. It gives clients entirely too much access to me, which I hate. I should not have to see people if I don't want to.

I want a GPS for my car. I started researching them tonight. I am leaning towards a Garmin, as they seem to get the best reviews. I would also like one that is voice activated. Anyway, this is one I am looking at, the Garmin Nuvi 880. But, it is pricey, so my goal is to get it a lot cheaper on eBAy or a discount site. Anyone have experience with a GPS or any recs? I am new to them, as we have never owned one. I have used them a couple times in rental cars, but nothing major. I have no idea what to even look for.

BTW, I watched the Sex and the City movie tonight and loved it. LOVED. So good. I started watching it while working out, and usually, I watch the end of stuff the next night while working out. I could not stop watching though, so I brought it upstairs and watched it on my computer since Kurt is watching football. I laughed, I cried, I was thrilled with the ending. Yay. It was fabulous. That little girl of Charlotte's from China? ADORABLE. Loved her.


Jennifer said...

I have a GPS in my car (came with) and I don't know how I got along without it! I'm spoiled now...

And my money's on what you said, I can't imagine Palin showing up for the debate. She can't even answer questions in a one-one-one interview, a debate format will be a comedy for sure.

I loved the Sex and the City movie, too -- seen it twice so far.

colfin2002 said...

Have a Garmin GPS and LOVE it! Don't know what I did without it! :)

Also LOVE high school football... it's my new thing!

AmberDenae said...

Yeah, I agree with you on the debate. I wasn't able to watch the entire thing but what I did see was rather interesting and it didn't really keep my attention.

The vp debate should definitely be rather interesting for sure. Palin hasn't exactly kept my faith in her, but I still love her and am hoping that she redeems herself in the debate- I suppose we'll see. I can't help but still like her and support her despite some things that have been said and taken out of context. I do not believe that she is too inexperienced to be the vp and to be honest with you, I would want to hide from the media if I were in her shoes. They have done nothing but anhilate her from the very beginning. And we all know that even the most prestine, intelligent human beings often become dribbling fools when that red light goes on. I find it funny that Joe biden can talk about the "great depression" being on tv and in the wrong year and get hardly any crap for it. If Palin had made that comment, we would not have heard the end of it.

We can all find fault in every candidate- isn't that the truth? They're all human. This has been a very interesting race.

Mindy said...

As much as I hate to say it, I think McCain did better in the debates. He actually seemed far more prepared and did less of the high school "nuh uh! Yuh huh!" that I think Obama did.

I am laughing my ass off that several conservatives (search Google, too many sites to link) are calling for Palin to resign, as they are realizing she is so out of her league as the VP nomination. She may be a great lady - but she isn't prepared to be vice president of the United States. And if she is - I am, too. And Lori, with your law degree and time spent on the school board, not to mention all of the foreign travel you've done and close proximity to Canada - you are actually OVER qualified.

Anonymous said...

A lot of my friends/family members have GPS systems - and by FAR the best are Garmins. My sister has a fairly new model, and it works perfectly! I love all the super-helpful features too.

I watched the debates (twice) and I'm still left wondering "What the hell is McCain's plan??" I feel like he just kept badmouthing Obama, and never clarified his own positions.

We're winning in Iraq? Uhm.. not even close.

I want to see Katie Couric rip Palin a new one, and I look forward to the rest of the debates!

MissThang said...

We watched the debate and were amazed at how many times McCain says "I." We decided that next time we have an opportunity to hear him speak, we're having a drinking game--every time he says "I" you have to take a drink of beer. Talk about getting wasted...

I thought both candidates did a decent job, but was slightly annoyed by the fact that McCain wouldn't even make eye contact with Obama, even when Obama was directly speaking to McCain. Grrr!!

As for the VP debate...I'm *hoping* Palin backs out. She's an embarrassment and a disgrace when it comes to public speaking...