Friday, September 12, 2008

Still Sick

I am sitting here, half asleep, totally relaxed by the Nyquil I just took minutes ago, but not quite wanting to go to bed early yet another night in a row......

Mucinex and Nyquil have been my bestest friends the past couple days. Thankfully, I have not mixed them up and taken the Nyquil during the day, although with the way I have been a zombie at work, I might as well have. Ugh.

Yea, I think my *allergies* are a full fledged cold, or perhaps a cold and allergies combined. Super fun times. I rarely get sick, but when I do, I swear, it's a miserable experience.

Thursday night, had a board meeting that I also had to get through. It wasa fine. I was really, really saddened to find out that the assistant principal and his wife are going through a hard time. Tim is one of the people I have met and really liked working on the school board. Him and his wife have been trying to have a baby for a long time, and she has had 5 miscarriages. She was pregnant again. Two nights ago, she was rushed to the emergency room and supposedly, according to a third party, almost died. They ended up inducing labor, and she had a baby boy, Seth, who was born very premature at 5 months. Only 1 pound, 8 oz. Sadly, this morning, I got an email that baby Seth passed away. I am so crushed for them. So, please add Tim and his family and baby Seth to your thoughts and/or prayers. I am sure they are devastated and having a really hard time right now.

Also, my friend Tammy's husband, Tom, found out this week that he lost his job, which is horrible for them as well. Tammy has been struggling to find a job as well, for some time. With the economy in MI too, finding another job is not an easy task. So, I am really hoping that Tom finds something new soon.....Tammy is being really positive about it, but I know that Tom has got to be bummed and the situation just sucks. Royally.

This slideshow/article I saw online today was really kewl, and outlined a lot of places that I would like to go someday......

On a wildlife note, on the drive home from work yesterday, Kurt and I saw a bald eagle. Love them. So pretty, and I have only seen one in the area before. Apparently, a ton of them live in the state park where I hike, but pretty much stay hidden except in the winter (which is when I generally don't hike).

Made a yummy dinner tonight. Cheesy mashed potatoes and lemon salmon patties. Super good. Love salmon patties.

Anyway, I am half asleep and typing really randomly, so I am going to end here....Night everyone, and please, don't catch my cold!


Jennifer said...

Hope you start feeling better, at least you have a weekend now.

MY JEANS ARRIVED!! Love them, they are better than I hoped. I'm going to order another pair -- they're that great :)

Lisa said...

Hope your feeling better soon!