Friday, September 19, 2008

Sushi Heaven

Went out for sushi tonight with Kurt, and had one of the best rolls of my life. Had to wait freaking forever for it, but it was worth it. Speaking of which, the restaurant ended up taking both rolls off our bill, so Kurt and my bill was only $13 for dinner, which included miso soup, drinks, and an appetizer, with the two rolls we split. Whoot for the great deal. Over an hour for two sushi rolls is kinda ridiculous. Anyway, back to the best roll ever, ;). It was called "Sammy Davis" Roll, and consisted of chopped crab with spicy mayo and a hint of cream cheese, rolled, tempura dipped and deep fried, topped with eel sauce and sesame seeds. I think what really made the roll was the hint of cream cheese and perhaps the eel sauce, but wno knows. The combo of everything was literally perfection. it is a new roll at the place we do sushi at in monroe, and i am so going to be reordering it. They had a guy playing the violin live in there tonight too, which was really pretty and nice to hear, relaxing.

Well, we conducted our first set of interviews this afternoon. We have three more left tomorrow, and then we are going to choose. Frankly, we could pick someone now, but I want to remain openminded for the ones left tomorrow. We had a lot better turnout this time then we have in the past, and several of the candidates thus far would work at our office. I will blog about it on the Secret Blog more though.

Grama is still in the hospital and is being transferred to Ann Arbor. They did some more tests in Livonia at St Mary's, and of course, they are still not finding anything specific. They were doing an MRI today, but they still think it's something liver related. I have to stop in and visit again, but need to find out exactly when she will be this weekend.

Just watched a brawl between the Tigers and Indians. Love baseball fights, Don't ask me why, since I am such a nonviolent person.


MissThang said...

That roll sounds like heaven!! I'll have to write it down & give it to the sushi chef to make next time I go to sushi ;)

Yay for interviews being so successful!

Sorry to hear that there are still no answers about Grama :( I'm keeping her in my thoughts.

I love baseball fights, too! They get me all amped & riled up!

AmberDenae said...

Your description of that sushi roll had me drooling! I am a sushi fanatic and I love to try new types. I love cream cheese in my sushi as well, it just makes it! Yummm. The philly roll is one of my favs, salmon, avocado and cream cheese...yummm. I'm craving it now!

Hope you get some good news on your grandma!!