Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Wow. Today was insanely busy. Busy to the point that I barely had time to BREATHE. So much going on, all at once. Kurt had court all morning. I had appointments all morning, with random people stopping in as well to just chat or to sign documents. Then, our computer guy stopped in to fix some things, so I had to talk to him too. All afternoon was pure insanity too, and that was with both Kurt and I there.

Had a personnel committe meeting tonight with the school board. It went well. I got there early, and the meeting was at the high school, so I stopped in to watch high school wrestling. There was a meet. I don't think I have ever seen wrestling live like that. It was interesting. I was thinking while there that I should learn that sport, it looks like a great way to let off some steam, LOL. I think the outfits are kinda ugly though.......:).

EVERYTHING is finally set up at the office. For the most part. I still want to get a new sign for the entry way, but the guy I contacted has not called back yet. Service people drive me bonkers. I have the two new guest chairs in my office, two new ones in Kurt's office, the new table in Jessica's office.......All computers hooked up and networking properly. Whoot.

Nothing much else going on. :). Hope everyone else is less busy and stressed than I am! :).

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