Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King Day--At Work

Worked a long day today, did not get home until like 745, UGH. Anyway, once I got home, for some reason, I felt like making dinner for Kurt, so I made two new recipes that I found online that were simple, but looked tasty.

Made these Cheddar Cheese Mashed Potaotes with a Bean and Cheese Burrito. I modified both recipes slightly. The potatoes I used a mexican blend of shredded cheese instead of the American/Cheddar suggested. I also accidedntally put in 3 TBSP of butter instead of 2. For the burrito, I used mexi cheese as well.

Anyway, Kurt loved both things, so they were a hit! :). Made myself some black bean burgers, and we are now chillin with I Survived on TV.

Day was crazy busy at the office. Jessica started today, and we were just really busy on top of starting to train her. We had a LOT of appoinments (with no court because of the holiday), and Kurt had a doctor's appointment, and Mondays are always crazy, so.....I was glad to stay a little bit late and make return phone calls. I just took the call list and went crazy. Practically nobody answered their phones, LOL, but at least I left messages and they can call me back tomorrow.


MegWalterbach said...

Hmmm a very cheesy dinner! You're my kind of girl!

Rachael said...

ooh the black bean burgers sound yummy!

Lori H said...

They were, Rachael! I use the Moringstar ones. Super yummy.