Saturday, January 24, 2009

Getting my Hair Did

It's nights like Thursday night that remind me why I wanted to be on the school board in the first place. We had our meeting at the high school Thursday. There was a basketball game going on, and at half time, there was a ceremony to honor a girl, who graduated in 1993, who was on the basketball team. She is battling breast cancer. I don't know the entire story, but from everyone's emotions, I think it is pretty advanced cancer. Before the game, the school hosted a spaghetti dinner to raise money for this girl and 550 people. That is insane. 550 people. I live in a small town. Everyone here is so dedicated to this school district and town and supports everyone so much. The ceremony was beautiful anad tearful, and what made it even more kewl was the fact that almost all of her basketball team was there to support her. Many of them live really far away and came. The gym was full, the entire school board was there. Anyway, it was really nice. We had a really nice meeting too. January is "board appreciation month", so Thursday before the meeting, we had a dinner, and were presented with kewl framed certificates from the governor, sweatshirts from the NJROTC, cookies from the pre-school, a gift card from the PTO and some other stuff. I always feel badly getting this stuff, because I don't want anyone to get me anything. I am on the board because I want to give back to the community and don't expect anything, but the stuff was very thoughful just the same.

Friday, we took Vito into work. He is so funny at the office. We call him the Office Greeter. Clients LOVE him. He was going into appointments with kurt, sitting on his lap, and woul fall asleep with head on the desk, and snore. He would also sit in the waiting area with the clients. At one point, Kurt walked into the reception area and a client had Vito on her chest and lap, was petting and kissing him, and reading her Judgment of Divorce. He had a burger for lunch, and was all around wonderful to have there. I wish I couldd bring him every day. Friday night, we had dinner at PFChang's in Dearborn (newly opened) with Tammy and Tom. We were celebrating Tom's new job (he was laid off from his old job). He was really lucky to find another job in his field with the way the economy is. Yay for him! Had a fabulous time, with awesome food. What sucked though was we had to go back to work after that to finish some bankruptcy filings that were due by midnight, that we had no time to do that day. We were at the office until about 1120 p.m. UGH. Got everything done though.

Today, I finally got to go to a hair appointment. I have moved it THREE TIMES. The first was scheduled for right before our trip, and I had to work. The second was moved because we were interviewing candidates for the office, and I had to be there. The third was moved because the roads were HORRIBLE here and in Ohio (where the salon is). Finally, a month late (I usually go every 3 months), I got there. WOO HOO. Got my brows waxed, hair colored and hair trimmed up. Had her put in more red highlights this time, although Kurt claims he still can't see the red. I notice though and like it. Got about an inch and a half cut off. Bought a new shampoo and conditioner as well, a new product at the salon called Aquage. I got the shampoo and conditioner.

Decided to make dinner tonight, and it turned out AWESOME. I was in the mood for Italian, so I looked up some recipes for baked ziti. The one I found was by Mario Batali, and it was easy and very yummy. I modified it slightly by using a bowtie pasta instead of ziti pasta. Also, I had no idea what "parmigiano reggiano" (now I am seeing it is simply parmesean) was, so I just used a mix I found at the grocery store of parmesean, romano and asiago. Could not find balsamella at the grocery store either, so I made my own! yes, you read that right, I made the sauce from scratch. I have seriously lost my mind. But, I actually enjoyed making my own sauce, and it tasted awesome combined with the tomato sauce in the recipe. The balsamella sauce I found was by Emeril. Anyway, it all turned out awesome. And even with Kory eating some, there is a ton of leftovers for another night. They said four servings, but I would say it's more like 6 or 8. A lot of food.

Went on Sephora's website this morning because I got an email that some products were way marked down, a sale. Which Sephora rarely has. So, of course, I ended up placing an order for things I don't need, but will is what I got:

Stila Shine On Gift Of Glaze (I have always wanted to try Stila lip glosses, one of my nieces swears by their products...I love sets like this where to can sample products before buying full size ones)

DKNY Be Delicious Charmingly Delicious (have been wanting to try this scent forever, and now it's on clearance)

Sephora Body Wash Sampler Gift Set
Also, got free samples of Phyto Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Shampoo , Kenzo KenzoPower Eau de Toilette, Canali Canali Eau de Toilette, and Phyto Phytolisse Finishing Serum.


Jennifer said...

Your cooking descriptions always make me want to get in the kitchen and cook!
And I want to see hair pictures!
YAY for Sephora!
I went on a Sephora spree too. I got a Smashbox Master's Class foundation set and it's fab. And some lip gloss and lipstick, and something for my hair. I heart Sephora.

Rachael said...

How is the Phytolisse Serum? I LOVE Phyto... its all I use now. Expensive, yes... but a little goes a long way and I feel better knowing Im using natural product.
and kudos for making your own sauce. I do warn you though, once you start making all your own versions of things- your standards get higher for restaurants!

MegWalterbach said...

I want to see a pic of the new do! You better share :P

Your baked ziti sounds delish! I'm all about cooking (as you know)... but I've never ventured out on my own and try to come up with my own sauces or make adjustments. I'm not that creative. But your final product sounds like it was a hit!

And I'm jealous you could take your little guy to work! Pets always brighten up a work place!

Lori H said...

Jennifer: I think we are always on the same Sephora schedule, we seem to make large orders around the same time, LOL.

and Rach, I have not gotten the sample of Phyto yet, but I have used and liked Phyto in the past, so I am sure I will like it. And I hope not re restaurants! I wont want to eat out anymore! :).

Lori H said...

Megan: I will try and get a pic of my hair, but it's nothing exciting, LOL. I always think it looks different, but everyone else does not really notice, LOL. Maybe tomorrow.

.................Nancy said...

I want a picture too!!

Katie said...

You need to come up to Woodbridge for a lesson in Italian food from a real Italian mom! ;) LOL. Invite is always there, whenever you feel like a 5 hour drive! haha

I also want to see pics ;)

Lori H said...

I would totally love that Katie, and am taking you up on it when I come to Toronto someday. I still can't wait to hear your Dad and Kurt talk politics. LOL.