Saturday, January 17, 2009

Office Updates

So, the week stayed completely crazy busy, with me going to court 4 of 5 days, which is insane. I am usually in the office far more than I was this week. I actually kinda liked getting out of the office, but it is not good having both Kurt and I in court, because we come back to chaos in the office with the amount of mail, faxes and calls to go through. We are going into work tomorrow to try to catch up on some of that though.

So, since we have a new employee starting, we needed to prepare an office for her arrival. haha, it sounds like we are having a baby or something. Anyway, we bought paint on Friday. "Smokey Blue" is the name of it. Jessica told me her fav color is blue, and Kurt did not want the color to be the same as his office, which is kinda a dark blue, so I picked out a kinda gray-blue color. It turned out amazing. Love it. Fabulous color. Kory painted on Friday and it only took two coats, which rocks. We already had a desk in there, but that was about it after we cleared the entire room out. We had been using it as Kory's office/storage area. We moved all the file cabinets to the conference room, the frig to the conference room, and everything else that was in there, differnet odds and ends. So, our conference room (which we rarely actually use as a conference room) is now a conference room/file room.

So, Saturday, we finished up her office. We moved three pieces of art from the conference room and my office to her office. One is a kewl oil painting of the White House that I bought at an auction, one is a photograph taken that I bought at an art fair of the pillars at the Supreme Court, and another is a pic I bought online of the Supreme Court pillars that we had framed a while back. We left a spot for her degree. We then moved in a chair for her desk, and two chairs for clients to sit in. We moved these from my office and decided to buy me new stuff and give her mine. Whoot! I heart new stuff. We also moved the fake tree I had in my office into her office. We had a kewl burgundy chaise at the office that Kory has been using in his room to store junk on, so we took that from kory and brought it to the office and put it in Jessica's office. Bought her a computer today at Best Buy, and set that up. We bought a table (we only bought the one desk part in the linked pic) for her office at Art Van as well, for kinda behind where she sits, I guess like a credenza? I use the one in my office all the time for files. Oh, we also moved a bookcase from Kurt's office into her office, and filled it with books. I think that's about it. I should have taken before and after pics though, because the transformation is AMAZING. It looks incredible.

Then, we bought me a new chair for my desk, and well as two chairs for clients to sit in. The chair I bought for me is pretty kewl, as it is burgundy instead of black, and super comfy. The chairs for clients I found in the clearance room at Art Van, and we can't pick up until Tuesday. Once Kurt saw the deal I found, he decided that he wanted new client chairs too, so we found two for Kurt and bought those too. So now, we are giving Jessica's the chairs that were in Kurt's office and throwing away the other ones, as don't really like them. Bought a new computer for Kurt today too. His is old and SOOO slow and our computer guy basically said it would prob cost as much to bring Kurt's up to speed as it would to buy a new one, so I said screw it, we will just buy a new one. We have to pick that computer up tomorrow though, as it was the floor model (another good deal), and they had to take all their Best Buy software stuff off of it. Stopped at Michael's too, and picked up a picture frame for this kewl picture I bought of the Supreme Court justices a while back. Kurt put all that together and we hung it in my office. Love it. Stopped at a greenhouse as well, and bought a Peace Lily to take the place of the fake tree that had been in my office. We put it on a little table thing that had been in the conference room before. The clear mat near my desk that my chair was on had cracked some, so we bought a new one for me, as well as one for Kurt and jessica.

Now everything is about done. Kurt and I were really getting sick of shopping by the end of the day. The roads were bad, and it was kinda hard fitting this stuff in the Jeep that we were buying. During one ride, Kurt had to climb into the back of thte Jeep, and I could not see most of the windows and could barely shift. Which is SOOO safe with bad roads, let me tell you.

Glad to finally have all that done though. Even if we did not have a new employee starting, I am glad to have that office all done and professional looking. It needed it. We only have a few small things left to do in the office to having it up to where we want it. There are things we have been wanting to do for sooo long, and never have time to do so. We still don't have time, we are just being forced into it because someone new is starting, LOL.

Made tuna tacos for dinner today. YUM. Last night, Kurt, kory and I went to Pete's for dinner, and I felt like I have not been there in forever. It wasa fun. Had a tuna melt. Really good.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! :).


Katie said...

That office sounds great! I'd love to see a pic of how it all came together, if you get around to taking one :)

Lori H said...

I am going to bring my camera in on Tuesday, once the chairs and the other table are here. I will try and take pics of all the rooms. I am going to bring my wide angle lens, maybe that will help with getting the entire pic of each room.

Alex said...

Y'all could donate the old chairs to Goodwill or a shelter or someplace instead of throwing them out.

I'd love to see pictures!

Nicole said...

Sounds like your office is really coming together. Would love to see some pictures!

Rachael said...

that sounds like a lot of work!