Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Post Office Is Evil

Started finally typing out some info for the firm website we are putting together. I have to draft info for the front page, atty page, staff page, areas of law page, etc. I never have time to even think about stuff like that, so I made myself tonight. I am not using it as a means to get more clients, although I won't complain if it results in that. It is more just to have a presence in the web for our current clients to see. I need to take pics of everyone at the office for the site as well, so hopefully I remember my camera tomorrow.

Worked most of the day today, which while evil, was necessary. Kurt had to work on some tax stuff, and I got a bunch of family law and bankruptcy stuff drafted.

Had leftover ziti tonight, YUM, and I made an apple cake that I got from Tastefully Simple a while back. It was pretty good, but now that I am cooking more from scratch, boxed stuff is not impressing me as much (see Rachael, I am being spoiled with home cooking, you were right).

BTW, I got so pissed the other day at the post office. A snow plow hit our mailbox a little while back, so the post office has had to hold our office. This happens every year to us. Either a drunk driver, someone sliding on the ice, a plow, etc. Anyway, kory has been stopping to pick up our mail, and they are rude to him every time he goes in there. They harass him about when we will be putting our mailbox back up, and so on. Which is ridiculous since it has not been above like 18 degrees and has been as low as negative 15 since the plow knocked it over. Of course, they are not annoyed with the city, they are annoyed with us. Like I asked for my mailbox to be knocked over. The ground is FROZEN. No idea how they expect us to fix that, but they do. So Friday, I went in to get the mail. The lady immediately says "Can we start delivery again?" To which I say "No, we do not have our box set up again yet". To which she states "You need to get that done..." To which I state "well, when it's not 5 degrees outside, I will, thanks." She then goes to get the mail and tells me that 30 days are up on 1-29. Apparently, there is a 30 day limit on this without additional permission by the post office. I tell her I was not aware of that, but will do something by then. She continues lecturing me, talking down to be, acting all condescending like. I finally say "Look. You should be mad at the city not at me. I really don't appreciate being harassed every time my family comes in here." She keeps lecturing. Finally, I can't take it anymore and say "You know, my tax dollars pay your salary and as a government employee, you are supposed to be nice to me." I then proceed to walk out the door and she is YELLING after me "You don't pay my salary! No you don't!" Duh lady. Of course I do. Federal government jobs are paid for by tax dollars. Is she stupid? I plan on making a complaint about this to the post office in DC, but have not had time to call yet. Kurt used to be a federal employee and that was one of the main things they were taught in training, they had to be nice to everyone, no matter what. I am not saying govvernment employees always are, but there is no need to be a condescending bitch because of my mail being held. It is not hurting her having it there, seriously. It's a very small office, so I imagine she is on a power trip being one of the only employees there.


I am so thankful my massage therapist moved my appointment to tomorrow for me. The pinched nerve in my back is getting worse and worse, and I need some help! Thanks, Crystal!!!


Rachael said...

haha I told you! We went and had Pho today because we are both sick and I didnt feel like cooking and I was disappointed. I was like- OKAY next time we are totally just going to stay home and Im going to make my own.

Sucks about the USPS, I love your response! They think they are their own little world at the Post Office and are allowed to be assholes. I dont get it. I had so many issues with them when I moved and they actually lost my mail.

RoseAnn said...

What I find funny about the post office is that the small town ones seem to be the ones on power trips. When I go in the super busy PO here, they are always really nice and helpful. What will they do when your 30 days is up? Return your mail?!

Molly said...

Aren't massage therapists the best? I LOVE ours.