Saturday, March 25, 2006

I Predict......It's Saturday

So, I met up with Rebecca this afternoon to visit a psychic that she has seen before, in Southgate. It was an interesting experience, but I am not a believer yet....I specifically did not wear my wedding ring or law school ring in, because I wanted to know what she would say without having ideas about me at all ahead of time. Well, some of the things she said were true, some not. And all the things she said that were true were really vague. Like I mean, saying I am stressed out, etc. could really apply to anyone. Saying that I am making changes in my career was true, but I mean, that could also apply to anyone. She did not say anything specifically geared directly to my life. So, anyway, had a really good time, which I always do with Rebecca, but do not feel I gained any real insight into my future self. Which is fine. :). Afterwards, had lunch at Black Pine Tree. I had a yummy volcano roll and some crab appetizer with miso soup.

Now I am home and on here trying not to do laundry, so I guess I should go do that. Or something.

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