Monday, March 13, 2006

Fun on Two Wheels

OK, unless you are Kurt, you won't get that title without further explanation.

OK, when Kurt left for court on Friday, I told him there was no way in hell he was winning the hearing. With family law, you can be the best lawyer there and if you have a lame case, it's going nowhere. Anyway, all of your arguments were stuff that happened forever ago, and I truly did not think the Judge was going to switch custody and limit parenting time based on our stuff, but hey, people hire us to fight for them and that's what we do. So.........F.T.W. Apparently, this is a universally known, , quote, but I had no idea what it meant. If anyone does not know and needs to, email me because I don't really feel comfortable posting here because of Blogger restrictions.

Judge: Mr. X (this is the opposing side in the case), do you have a tattoo?

Mr. X: Yes, your honor, it says F.T.W., which means "Fun on Two Wheels".

Judge: Rolls her eyes.

Anyway, Kurt won the hearing. He was gloating about it when he came back to the office, LOL. Whenever I give him a challenge with ANYTHING, he has to win! :).

Friday afternoon, we closed the office and came home. Took the pugs outside for one of their first long walks of the year.

One of my fav parts of the summer is taking walks in the backyard with the pugs. Yay for Spring!

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