Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pottery and Coyotes

OK, I totally forgot to post about a couple things.

1. We saw a coyote in our yard last weekend! I was on the computer and Kurt said "Lori, come here!" So, walked in the other room and he was standing near the back porch. He says "Is that a dog??" I say "UMMM, no, that is a wolf or coyote." We stood and watched it and it finally ran away into the woods. How freaking kewl. I get to see the most awesome stuff living here.

2. I suck at pottery. But, it makes me happy. I had such a blast talking to Rebecca and painting the pottery. But alas, the pottery looks different once you get it glazed and fired. Umm, it shows like every imperfection and how much I suck. But, it's a dog dish and the pugs are color blind and love it so, whatever. I went in and got our pottery on Sunday and came out. Here is the conversation:

Rebecca: So, how did it come out?
Me: Yours looks great, but mine pretty much...what's the word.....sucks.
Rebecca: what do you mean it sucks (laughs).
Me: It just does, trust me.
Rebecca: why? Cmon, tell me.
Me: Well, let's just say it looks nothing like it did when we left.
Rebecca: I have to see it.
Me: NOOOOOO! I will take a pic when I get home.
Rebecca: NOOO, I must see it in person.
****Rebecca pulls into her office lot and forces Lori to open the pottery*********
Me: Well, here it is.
Rebecca: (staring and trying to be nice and not die laughing): it's.......good. (but she says it in a very sad way, like she feels sorry for me).

OK, at this point I start laughing so hard I am crying and Rebecca joins in. I seriously could not suck more at this form of creative arts. But, I had fun and it was totally worth sucking for the laugh we got out of it.

So, moral of the story? Lori sucks at pottery, but she will go back and try again. :).

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Rebecca said...

If at first you don't succeed, try and try again!

And I LOVE the reenactment of our conversation.