Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Rest of the Week

I had kinda a hard week, so posting has been light.....

The first week back after Spring Break. It not easy. I wanted to skip class every day, but I made it to every single one. I was not happy being there, but I was there.

Toby took a turn for the worse again this week. Most of you prob remember that we almost had to put him to sleep in Jan and meds made him better temporarily. Well, that stopped this week. He stopped eating again and was miserable. So, we had to take him in and I think it was one of the hardest things Kurt has ever had to do. He has had Toby since he was 19 years old (Toby's 16th b-day would have been March 28). I think it was slightest easier because we knew he was sick and we did not want him to suffer anymore, but the whold situation sucks. We are having him privately cremated (which we did with both Daisy and Pugsley as well) and are going to bury him someplace in the yard near a tree, and I will most likely name the tree "Tobias". Anyway, enough on that. Toby, we love you and hope you are having a great time in doggy heaven with Pugsley and Daisy Lou. :(.

We are unsure if we are going to get a new cat or not. Kurt has kinda left it up to me. I know it might make us feel better, as a new baby usually does, but I think I have enough going on right now with work, school, and already owning three young doggies. Maybe when the pugs are slightly older, I will get one. I worry too because people just fly by our house in their cars, and I don't want to constantly worry about a kitten. I can't deal with another animal death, we have had two in the past year.

Now that we don't have to give Toby meds every day, I think we are going to plan a Vegas weekend. We talked to the dogs babysitter who have us the go ahead, so I have been researching online and am thinking maybe the second weekend in April. I will keep everyone posted. I really want to go hiking when we go back to take pics, and the weather is perfect there right now for it, not too hot.

Last night, Kurt and I went to Applebee's and I, GASP, had a drink. I never really drink, so it was kinda weird. The drink was awesome. It was called a Sobe Energizer and had this energizer drink in it as well as Midori Melon, ginger ale, and OJ. Anyway, loved it, highly recommend it.

So, I gotta start getting ready now. I am meeting Rebecca at the office shortly, and I will post more about that later.

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Rebecca said...

We should go to Applebees and get drunk and eat Blondies!