Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Weekdays are hard for me with posting......

I thought I would be really on top of blogging this week, since I had no school at night, but this obviously is not true. I do feel rested though, but not ready to start class again. I guess I just need to keep thinking "I am almost done, I am almost done...."

I have a new goal. My one nervous habit is picking at my fingernails. I don't even think about that I am doing it, but then all the sudden my nails are nonexistent and look like crap. I have decided that I can't be in court arguing cases, or meeting with clients, and have crappy looking nails, so I am starting right now. NO MORE PICKING AT MY NAILS. Once I get them so they have any length at all, I am going to go in and get a manicure. Then, I know, I won't touch them, because they will be all pretty, and then I will just go on a regular basis. I swear, I can do this! My Mom told me a while back if she could quit smoking, I can quit doing this. So, I am doing this for my Mom! :).

So, the rest of the week was pretty busy.

Friday night, we had dinner with Cliff and Lisa in Canton at an Indian place called Ashoka. It was really yummy. I had a very spicy shrimp meal, and Kurt had some spicy shrimp meal. We always have a great time with Cliff and Lisa, and I think Kurt is trying to turn Cliff into a tech geek like him because by the time dinner was up, Cliff was ready to go out and buy a wifi router and Treo phone. Kurt was showing him our phone at dinner and how it surfs the net, etc.

Saturday, Kurt and I went out and looked at some potential homes to flip, and still kinda like the first one we looked at a couple weekends back. We hired a guy to look at the foundation, and he said it is repairable, so now Kurt is going to have his brother look at it to see what he thinks. I think it could be a really great profit. I went to SAMS Club on Saturday afternoon as well, because I never remember to go there and I found some great deals.

Oh, on Saturday, I went to go pick up my and Julia's candles from the party and Oscar got to meet his birth mother, Ming Lee, and younger (but full) sister, Maya. Maya was hilarious, she was totally harassing Oscar like Gretel does at home and poor Oscar was running away. I think Sherry really liked seeing Oscar too. Got my candles and can't wait to burn them at the office. Saturday night we had dinner at Applebee's. Kurt has been glued to the TV all weekend, watching college basketball. My team is still in it on my bracket!

We weighed the pugs yesterday. Gretel still only weighs 15 pounds which is tiny for a pug. Maya, Oscar's sister in Allen Park, weighs 20 pounds and she is younger than she is! Oscar came in at 30.5 and Vito is 31.5. Umm, that is way too much. Although, Oscar is is big dog and all muscle, thin; Vito is HUGE and the vet is going to kill us the next time we go in. Oh well, at least they are all happy, right? I think Vito is the happiest dog I have ever known.

Today, I have been working really hard on cleaning my laundry room and closet. I transferred so many clothes from the laundry room into the closet, and have thrown out a bunch of stuff, put some stuff in Purple Heart bags, etc. I am making a lot of progress but had to take a break to blog!


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i'm a new reader here


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I would like too take time too Thank all the people for doing what you do and make this community great im a long time reader and first time poster so i just wanted to say thanks.

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I totally support that! Continue that way!