Sunday, March 05, 2006


Went to Canton this morning/afternoon to the Canton Builders/Home Show with my Aunt. It was fun. They had a lot of ideas for home projects. Entered a lot of contests, so I am now waiting for my phone call on my free lawn care or roof, LOL.

Went to dinner in Dearborn for Julia's birthday at a place called Annam that served Vietnamese food. It was so great! Everyone there (me, Kurty, Julia and Jay) were all raving about the place, so anyone who likes this type of food has GOT to try the place. I had a shrimp meal which was awesome and they brought Julia out dessert for her birthday. I got her a kewl laptop carrier, spring coat and socks. I really wanted to keep the laptop carrier for myself (hehe), but my laptop did not fit in it (I have a large screen on mine), so alas, Julia received it. :). It was was of the nicest nights out I have had in a long time, loved it.

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