Saturday, August 26, 2006

Falling in Love Again

Gotcha. Well, kinda. I am still only in love with my husband.....but, I fell in love with something else today.

A camera.

I have totally been waffling on the purchase of a new camera. I really want a DSLR camera. I have been doing so much with photography the past year or so, that I am realizing what I really want in a camera, and my current camera is lacking somewhat. It takes awesome pictures, but I really hate the "delay" in taking the pictures. For example--I am hiking and see a gorgeous butterfly on a plant. By the time I point my camera and click and take the pic, my subject has moved and I miss the shot. The only way to get rid of that is by upgrading to a DSLR camera, but those are not cheap. I never wanted to spend the money before because my current camera is "fine", but I am to the point now that I need more.

So.....for some time now, I have been looking online at reviews and information, and have been talking to my friend, Stacy, about what she likes as she has a DSLR and has had it for some time, and did a ton of research before buying. But, what I really needed to do as well was get to a camera store. It's really important for me that the camera "feels" right in my hands, and I did not want to buy something blindly on the net without testing it out.

So, my Aunt and I went to a camera store in Canton today. The place was really nice and they had a LOT of DSLRs. I wanted to look at Canons (which are raved about online a lot) and Nikons (which are also raved about and is what Stacy has). I got to hold both of them, and ask a bunch of questions. I really liked both cameras, but I think I like the feel of the Canon better. It is slightly smaller and easier to handle, plus the lady there said the Canon is more user friendly than the Nikon, and is more entry level than the Nikon is. It just felt better while I was taking pics with them. So, I think that is what I have decided I want--now I just need to comparison shop for prices.

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