Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jon Benet News

I am withholding judgment until the DNA test results are back. I agree this guy is screwed up, yea, and he "looks" like a child molestor (as if I actually know what one looks like). But, I am really questioning now if the guy is making this up.....The news coverage on this case is incredible. Kurt is just loving it, since he has been following the case since 1996.

Ugh. Work has been crazy lately. We have been beyond slammed, and I hate to complain about it because so many other offices are not busy because of Michigan's economy, but I am tired. We have worked every night this week until almost 7 p.m. It just wears on you after a while. I can't wait until this weekend. Hiking will relax me....I think will go get a pedi on Saturday....maybe a massage too. I need something to chill out. I might go to the outlet mall in Monroe and walk around too...Aimlessly shopping relaxes me, even if I don't buy anything.

I posted about this in my sidebar, but wanted to post here too. Kurt is leaving his IRS job. He is actually glad about it. They are slowly eliminated people with his job (estate tax attys), so really, he would be gone in about a year anyway. So, he put in his notice that his last day is December 1. He is also being given a buyout, so that is awesome. We are going to take it and buy our December trip and use the rest to pay down a car loan, or our mortgage, or whatever. It's nice, because it's money we were not expecting. I called our travel agent today, and she is researching where we are going in December. I can't wait to go.

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