Friday, August 11, 2006

This One's for You, Rachel and Rebecca!

Ha. Ok, not really girls, but I felt obligated since you guys put me in blog titles on your sites, LOL.

Had a great night. I have been trying to stay away from my house since it is so stressful for me being here. I was talking to a friend two days ago online (Jeannie, thanks), who was giving me an example of a situation where she also feels "defeated" and it was nice to get another perspective on the issue and to know that others out there aproach the situation the same way I do and there is just not much I can do about it. It's almost over, I can do this. :). Positive thinking, hun Rebecca?

Tonight, I met up with my friend, Tammy, at the Applebee's in Woodhaven. She brought three of her friends whom I have never met with her. It was a lot of fun and her friends were so kewl. Afterwards, we went to Home Goods which just opened a couple months back, and I went to Target myself after that to roam around, since I rarely get the chance to do that. Picked up four nice towels on sale, three really cheap t-shirts, some hair product, and some kitty stuff. After that, stopped at Kroger's to pick up some kitty food, litter, pop, chips, etc. Got home and played with the pugs, surfed the net. Kory and Kurt got home from the lions game about a half hour later. We won! The Lions are undefeated! ha.

Thursday night was fun too. I went to Ferndale to Sinbad's to have my hair highlighted and cut by Marnie. I got about an inch and a half cut off, and she did more layers in the front. Kurt thinks i look the exact same. LOL. Afterr that, had dinner at Little Tree with Rebecca, Julia and Lauren. Had miso soup with thai food. I mix my nationalities with food, what can I say? Great to see everyone.....I miss seeing Julia on a daily basis. I really hope someday she can live closer to me......


RachelSW said...

Aw Lori, the man that you were talking about in your last post reminds me of my friends ex. He liked to hear himself talk and was extremely close minded to actually LISTENING to other people. He liked to talk **** all the time. Anyways..thanks for the shout out in the post title, catchy!

Lori Anne Haskell said...

hehe. No prob Rach, and thanks! :).