Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dreaming of Italy...or Anywhere.

I can tell Kurt and I have gone a while without a vacay....We spent our lunch break today talking about where we want to go on our next vacay.....I really want to go someplace where I can be outside, hike, photography, relax......So, we were talking about Costa Rica, Spain, Brazil, Italy....and so on. Last December, we went to Hawaii and it was literally the best vacation I have ever been on. I want to the next one to top that.

One prob, we are major procrastinators with getting our passports. It's so annoying. You have to go have your pics taken for it, and then go to the passport and present a million forms of documentation. Which takes time, that we normally don't have during the week. I am going to make time though because I am sick of not having them. Pretty soon, we might need it just to go to Canada, so I really need to get them.

Lesley texted me today to let me know we have a following...hehe. we have been hiking together twice now. It relaxes me and I love doing photography in the different places I go. Anyway, this Sunday, we are going again and a bunch of peeps might be joining us! Lauren and Rebecca want to go, Jen's sista might come, Kim might join us....Yay! I love seeing everyone and really love that it will involve one of my fav activities.

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