Saturday, August 26, 2006

Falling In Love, Part Deux

Speaking of falling in love, I had lunch today with my friends, Jeannie and Stacy.

And I got to meet Jeannie's little girls, Maggie and Audrey...11 month old twins and SO FREAKING perfect and cute. I literally fell in love. I, of course, had my camera, and took tons of pictures, which can be found by clicking here.

We had much at Max and Erma's, then headed to IKEA, since none of us had been there yet. OMG, that place is a freaking MADHOUSE. I think we all felt slightly claustrophobic, and decided that we really needed to come back on a less busy day. An employee told Jean in the restroom that Thursday are not busy, so I am going to try and head over there on a Thursday. We did walk around and get a feel for the place, and I really liked a lot of the stuff there.

All in all, the day was nice. I had not seen Jeannie and Stac in a long time, and it was so awesome to finally meet the babes. They were perfect angels and Jeannie and Jim are very, very lucky to have such awesome daughters in their lives.....I have no idea if I want kids eventually or not, but if I do and they are anything like Maggie and Audrey are, I will truly be blessed. :).

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