Friday, August 04, 2006

Finally Friday

I was so happy to be done with the work day tonight. Weekends are what I look forward to each week. Yay.

The carpet people finally came to the beach house today to measure. I have been calling there since LAST Friday. Finally, I resorted to using the personal cell phone of the owner that I happened to have and of course, someone was over immediately.......I need to go either this weekend or on Monday to pick out the color and style, etc. We want it installed on Tuesday.

I made an appointment to get my hair done next week. I am going to Marnie again, Rebecca's stylist. She did an awesome job and she is much easier to get in to then my other stylist, Roman, whom I also love....but, with my schedule I need someone who can work with my schedule too. If you try and get in with Roman, you seriously need to call a month in advance and I just can't do that. I never know my schedule that far in advance.

Also made an appointment with Kelli to get another massage tomororw. I am hoping after this time I will be done going for a while. I do feel much less stressed with the bar exam behind me....

After my massage, I am going to come home and grab my camera, assuming the weather is good, and go out taking pics...Rebecca was telling me today that I have not been posting very many pics lately and she is SO right. I need to do more.

I can't wait until this beach house is renovated so I can plan our Vegas trip. I reallly, really need a vacay. Really. Did I say really yet?

Please meet Simon.

Simon is the tree that Rebecca sent me. She was given Simon, and she wanted to save Simon from a life in the cramped suburbs. I named the tree Simon after Rebecca's adorable yellow lab, Simon. I am really babying Simon and once Simon gets biggre, Kurt and Kory will transplant him to our yard someplace. He is growing very quickly.


Ezbrz said...

OK, I have to admit that I am so jealous of you and Rebecca! Next time I do some shopping your way we should get together...!!

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Lisa: I so wish you lived here. U and Saige could hang out with me and Rebecca a TON! That would rock.

Rebecca said...

Lori, I think we need to take a road trip to Canada to see Lisa!!!

Simon is beautiful....Ryan is going to be so jealous to see what he missed out on, HA! I should have my simon come pee on it, hahahaha!!!

Ezbrz said...

I think we are probably like 3 hours apart..I think we could have some fun :)

Rebecca said...

I think I'm blogging more than you are these days, hahaha....I never thought I'd see the day.