Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Can't Believe I Almost Forgot.

OK, this will not be exciting to most, but.....My order came in the mail! Fresh
had an awesome sale a couple weeks ago and I placed an order. I got a ton of stuff for incredible deals....Like almost everything was like 75%+ off. Yay. They also included like 10 free sameples in the box, which was awesome. I love trying things.

Today, work was long. Misty called in sick, so I had to answer the phones and deal with clients coming in and do paperwork. Blah. Too much work. I hate phones. I like being able to screen my calls........

Today, after work, I decided to go hiking in Sterling State Park to relax, and of course, took my camera. Got a few shots......Highlights of the hike were two things...First, I saw a Monarch butterfly. OK, that in itself is not a highlight. But, the fact that this butterfly sat in one spot for like 10 minutes so I could take pics IS a highlght. Second, I walked to one opening by the water, and a muskrat was swimming around, eating grass and water greenery. I got to watch him for like 5 minutes too, before he went underwater and disappeared. Sigh. I live for stuff like that. Click here to see the pics. They are pics 1-33, but this will change once I upload more. You can also see them in the Sterling State Park Set on Flickr.

Came home and listenned to Kurt bitch about the Tigers until Monroe hit a game winning home run. HA.

Go Tigers.

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Shannon said...

Too funny, about Kurt and the tigers...I am willing to bet I heard the same thing on my end...and then YESSS!!!! and all was right in the kingdom again!