Saturday, August 19, 2006

So, I am sitting at home, by myself. Kurt and Kory are prob on their way home from the Tigers game and I have actually really liked my night at home alone (well as alone as one can be with three dogs and a kitten). I made myself dinner, put new sheets on the bed, and did some laundry. Watched aimless TV that made me happy (Little House on the Prairie). I swear, that show so reminds me of being a kid....We watched that show ALL the time and loved it.

So, I had a great ALL ABOUT ME day. Which rarely happens. I got my free facial (decided on the mud one) at Somata. Then, I went to the beach house to talk to Kory and Kurt about some cell phone issues. Kurt and Kory advertised in the yellow pages for a car detailing business they are starting. Basically Kurt is funding it, Kory is running it. Splitting the profits, or something like that. Well, the number they used in the ad is my cell phone number. Long story, but it used to be Kurt's, then me and Kurt switched phones, yada yada. So, even though they have not yet technically started said business, I am getting calls every day on my cell phone for it. And it is driving me insane. So, long story short, I went and got a free cell phone today, changed my number over to it, and got a new number for my phone. Sigh. So, I have my third number is like 3 weeks. Anyway, I will email it to everyone on Monday from work. Don't really feel comfortable putting it on here since this is a public blog. Went and got a pedi-mani and the cheapo place I found at the start of summer. Also got my eyebrows waxed. While I was at the mall, I walked around Elder Beerman and found two great sets of sheets for over 80% off! I was so psyched. Yay. And you know how whenever you see sheets on clearance, they are never the size you need? Like EVERY set was king. Gotta love that. so the two sets of sheets together regular price were $400.00 and I only paid $80.00 in total! And both are high sheet count, which is required for Kurt....haha.

Finally, all is quiet in the house. The pugs have been nervous all night--whenever Kurt is not here, they are constantly waiting for him to get here, and any and every noise outside could be "daddy coming home" to them. Currently, Vito and Gretel are laying right on eachother cuddling---so freaking cute.


Rebecca said... mom watches Little House on the Prairie and I make fun of her.

Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a great day! You reminded me I need to buy new sheets ha ha.