Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ice Cream Misconceptions

I was driving back from a lunch today with Kim and Dolly (more on that later) and I drove up on the side of an ice cream truck. I don't know why, but EVERY time I see an ice cream truck--in a neighborhood, on the highway, anywhere--I immediately, and I mean right away, think that the guy driving the truck is most likely a child molester. I have no idea why I think that. There is no logical reason for it whatsosever. We did not have an ice cream truck in my neighborhood growing up, so I suppose some of the things that give me this idea come from the news and the like.

Anyway. I am weird. I looked into the truck as I drove up on the side of it and the guy freaking WINKED at me. I sped off very quickly in my Jeep, thank you very much. Ugh.

So, lunch today was fun. I met up with Kim and Dolly at the Zoup (I heart Zoup so much) in Dearborn. We gossiped and I loved it. Yay. Sometimes you just need a lunch away with friends to just talk about nothing. Kurt was at a meeting all day in Dayton so I had to have a girls' lunch.

Tonight, I went to a networking meeting. Our friend, Gary, who is a mortgage broker, started the group and asked us to join. Normally, this is not our kind of thing, but Gary is a really good friend and we figured, at the least, we would see Gary twice a month. Well, surprisingly, I kinda like the group. I am meeting some new people, professionals in the area who have their own business, and getting some referrals out of it, which is kewl.

One funny thing. The Bar Exam. This was literally the most difficult thing I have had to go through in my entire life. I don't even talk about it though, because I am so sick of the freaking comments. I posted the other day how Kurt's brother was insisting the pilot's exam is harder--(which he has never even taken, LOL). Tonight, a guy at the meeting was telling me how the master chef test is harder "because it is longer than the bar exam". Another person who had not yet taken the test, or the bar exam, but can confidently state which one is harder. Then, when I got home, Kurt's brother proceeded to tell me that the freaking real estate exam is equally difficult to the bar exam. OK, really stupid comparison. The real estate course is a 40 hour course, then you take a test. How could you logically even compare the two? Three years of intensive school, three months of studying and a 12 hour test is equal to one week of class and a short exam? And of course, nothing I could say would change his mind...."his girlfriend took both and said they were equally hard..." Sigh. I give up.


Shannon said...

I KNOW that if YOU thought the bar was hard, then it HAD to be! You are one of the most intelligent people I know. I don't envy anyone that has to take that exam...I would much rather have a 2 day mamogram...thank you very much!

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Ha. thanks Shannon.......I was weighing those options in my head, and I think I would choose the bar exam over a two day long mammogram, HA. Although, I have never had a mammogram....

Rebecca said...

1) Jealous that I didn't get to join my pals for lunch...and I could have because I ended up not having anyone at the spa!

2) I've taken ALL of those exams, and the national certification for massage is the hardest. I can land a plane on fire with no landing gear but I still can't work out a piriformis :-P

God I'm hilarious

Cynthia said...

Tell them all to "BITE ME" and kiss your @ss.
What is hard to one person is not hard to another and vice versa. You kick @ss and they know it!

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Thanks, Cindy.......I really would like to tell them all to bite me, but one of the things I am trying to work on with my personality is to try and not be so forward/confrontational. Sometimes, it is just not worth it, you know? But, trust me, deep down, I am totally freaking thinking "BITE ME." LOL.