Sunday, October 14, 2007


I know, doctors are a business, just like I am a business with the legal stuff. So, I really should not complain about them at all, they are kinda in the same boat as I am.

But, seriously. If someone is unbalanced, takes Prozac, and has had a LOT of issues in their life (and all this at age 19), should someone really be allowing them to make the decision to have body altering surgery without making them at least *think* about this decision? Yea, I won't name anyone here, cuz who the hell knows who reads my blogs, but someone I know supposedly got breast enhancement surgery done. Yea. She totally did not need it. She has this unhealthy obsession with strippers and porn stars. I really hope she does not turn to things like that now that she had the chest to go into those things. Aargh. I have a feeling she is really going to regret getting the surgery someday. I have no idea what size she got, etc., but I have a feeling it is not small. She was already like a B cup or maybe bigger.....

Alright, rant over.

Stayed in today. Had all these plans to go hiking (the weather was overcast and I could not go), get a pedicure, run some errands...Instead, I stayed in and did nothing. I liked it though, and truly, probably needed it. I did do some laundry and cleaning, and made a great dinner thanks to Kraft Foods recipes (I made a variation of a Boca Pasta Bake which was super yummy, and made jalapeno cheese bread with melted butter and parmesean cheese to go with it). I made a large portion too, so I can eat it the rest of the week. Love cooking the 8 serving portion and then having leftovers. I need to start using the Kraft site more, super easy stuff to make.

Watched a bunch of shows on TV today, which I never, ever do. I had never seen the shows. One was called I Propose, Married Away, and Clean House (host of this one was super annoying,, but show was good). Liked all three shows.


Rebecca said...

Did Kurt disappear into the basement and let you have the tv all to yourself?? :) I would have had a lazy Sunday with you!

Amanda said...

Lill, eh? Can I just tell you about my Lill "problem"?? I have a billion of them. I LOVE THEM. Found them when I lived in Chicago, and then I lived 5 minutes from the store in Boston. They knew me on sight.

Pathetic, actually.

But - you will love your bag... ;) Enjoy!!

.................Nancy said...

I hope I can have that surgery someday. seriously hehe.