Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Ugh. So tired. And I have a super busy day tomorrow. Oh wait, that's EVERY day. OK, slightly busier than usual. Kurt and I have like 7 hearings to do between ourselves, at three different buildings. It will be interesting, but we have done up to 9 so it should be possible.

Went to dinner last night with Terry, a friend of Kurt's from the IRS when he worked there. He was in Detroit (he lives in Cleveland) for an IRS conference. We took him to eat at Crave in Dearborn and he loved it. I had my fav meal, my fav sushi app. Yum. I love going there. We had a great time seeing Terry and an awesome night out.

Got my new watch in the mail last night and it is even more kewl in person! Yay! And the box it came in is so lux and cute. I am saving it. Just because. Ha. Wore it today and like it even more than last night......

Watched Blades of Glory tonight with Kurt and Kory and it was hilarious. I love Will Ferrell. He is so funny. Then, went I went downstairs to work out and put in my new Netflix Sopranos disc, it was broken. BOOOO. So, I watched more Queer as Folk, which was really good. Will Brian and Justin stay together? I will not know until next time. So, don't tell me, Rebecca! :).

Anyway, need to get to bed to deal with my day tomorrow. Sorry so short....

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