Sunday, October 07, 2007

Mega Mutt March

Friday night, we actually left the office at 5! A miracle! Ha.

Saturday, we worked from 9-12. Kurt left, and I stayed until 230. I went to leave, and my car would not start. Ugh. The ignition in the Saturn has been acting up a really long time, and we have ignored it. Basically, we have a really hard time turning the key in the ignition. I tried to start it forever, and I had someplace to be. Anyway, eventually, Rebecca just came and picked me up, and we headed to Irene's for her and Garry to teach their class. It was so odd. I was their "professional client" for demonstrating this new form of massage. While I was under sheets and such, it still felt odd to be wearing nothing under one sheet in a room of 51 people. It was fun though, and i hope Rebecca and Garry get to start teaching thise class in Michigan and elsewhere. Afterwards, Rebecca and I went to dinner at Austin's HP Grille in Wyandotte, which was incredible. I love the place. We started with crab cakes, I had soup, she had salad. Then for dinner, I had blackened tuna with asparagus and a crab/shrimp sauce over the top. OMG, to die for. Went home after that, and of course, my car started right up. We are taking it into our mechanic in the morning because we cant just be stranded with this issue.

Today, got up early to head to the Mega Mutt March in Detroit with Gretel, Kory and Whiskey. We met Rebecca, Charlie and Simon there. It was really hot, especially for a morning in October in Michigan. I think it hit 90 degrees at some point today. Our "team" raised about $500, I think. Mostly by Rebecca, but Kory and I contributed $115 of it, LOL. Rebecca is much better at harassing people for money than I am....I sent out an email, but Rebecca bugs people in person, which helps her, but is hard for me. I dont like asking people for anything. We saw SOOO many cute doggies and some pugs and beagles too. Gretel flirted and met a lot of new friends, but was exhausted afterwards. 2 miles is far for a 14 pound pug to go! :). I worked after that until about 430 PM and have been home the rest of the night, doing laundry, working out, etc.

Desperate Housewives was good tonight!

Started looking up flights to Panama City, and it appears that are very similar to those to Belize, so they are cheaper than I thought they would be. Plus I have an AA coupon, so we will save money there. Whoot. I think I am going to book soon, just so prices dont go up. Right now, the plan is to go from the 14th until the 24th of December.

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